What class should i take?

  • I’m new to the forum and interested in digital art and leveling up my skills. I’m not Interested in being a book illustrator at the moment, I just want to give my digital art more life. I think I’d like to start small (less expensive) as I’ve never done an online class or video tutorial course.

    Have you purchased any of the video courses?

    If you want you can check out some of my stuff on Instagram @mradamnorton ... I’m just not sure where to go from here... feeling stagnant

    Also i use iPad and procreate for most of my stuff


  • @mradamnorton 10 Step Digital Painting is awesome (I refer to it often), as well as the Creative Composition class. The Drawing in Perspective one is invaluable as well.

  • Your drawing and color are pretty good. I think creative composition would be good for you to add storytelling interest. Maybe perspective too, since you seem to draw mostly front and center views.

  • Mate just pay the monthly subscription, its peanuts and theres a bucket load of stuff to plough through. Much better value that just getting seperate videos. If you find after three months youre not watching them then just cancel, you'll probably still be better off (unless theres a minimum subscription term or something, i didnt read the fine print when i signed up).

  • Yeah I would at least pay for 1 month, browse a couple of courses that you find interesting to see what you like. You can then (if you want to) pay for a course. But I benefited a lot from painting color and light, creative composition, and creative environment design. Any one of these you watch will definitely benefit you in some way. You won’t get all the things you need ever in 1 class which is why the subscription is worth it in my opinion. It gives you the ability to stop watching something you find isn’t what you were looking for and try another thing.and if you ever wanna go back you can. Purchasing a class does give you the ability to download the videos (I think I heard that in the podcast) and you can refer to it whenever.

  • My favorite class so far has been the creative composition class. I see it making a huge difference in my artwork lately.

  • I checked out your instagram, your drawing is quality, you're not a beginner. What exactly is it you want to improve on?

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