Fun portfolio piece prompt (you’re welcome to join!)

  • Hi everyone. Some of you may already know that I started on creating pieces for my portfolio. I already have 3 or 4 pieces that I’m going to include that I think will be suitable for the path I’m trying to take. I thought it would be fun to see other people’s versions of the next idea I started working on. So if you are interested in creating a fun piece of art just for the heck of it or for your own portfolio you’re welcome to join in on this prompt. There is no prize it’s just for funsies. If after you make it you are willing and comfortable with sharing what you made I’d like to see it!

    I wont critique it or anything I’d just like to do a group activity with the people here with a “drawthisinyourownstyle” just without a visual.

    It’s probably already been done before:

    Im drawing a kid wizard (maybe 5 or 6 years old) with a baby pet dragon that is kind of like a happy puppy. The kid is yelling at the dragon “No mr. fluffers! I said a SCARY dragon!” Or something of the sort. The kid is holding a long stick that is his magic staff and is wearing a big wizard hat. The dragon is the size of a small dog and is wagging it’s tail looking incredibly happy just being part of the kids play time.

    PS please forgive I do not have a finished piece for this yet as I am still working on it, I will be posting it on here once it’s done. But go nuts! Hope whomever joins this has fun.

  • Here’s my concept:

  • Thought I recognized the wizard theme 🙂


    Heres a sketch that I made from the prompt. Wizard girl has a sister who messes with her a lot, planned to spook her with a birthday "gift", the gift however refuses to go according to plan.

  • @rinovarka omg i love this this is fantastic. I hope you take it to completion

  • Here’s an update for the piece. Inked and ready for coloring 😃 0_1547855098039_60535088-65EF-41CC-A03F-0B5077037777.png

  • Ok his portfolio piece is done too!

  • @aleksey This is so much fun and awesome! Absolutely love it 😃 Well done!

  • @sas thanks! Feel free to make one too!

  • @aleksey

    Love your dragon! I want to hug him. What kind of brush do you use? I am always interested.

  • @heather-boyd this was a pen nib and coloring was done digitally

  • I love this! Are you going to do more with these characters? I think they could have some fun adventures together 🙂

  • @sophie-lawson id like to i think it would be fun. But I’m also trying to create a portfolio to start looking for paid work. Maybe on the side or if I figure out how to incorporate it into the portfolio as well.

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