On building a business with your art, and finding an audience

  • SVS OG

    Hey all,

    I did an interview for the Creator at Large Podcast that some of you might find interesting:



    Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions.


  • Oooh, I'll be listening to this today :D. Thank @Jake-Parker

  • Pro

    Just finished listening to this, very very interesting stuff!

  • SVS OG

    @Jake-Parker great podcast. Probably add them to my list for the spaces in between 3 point perspective.

    One thing- please be softer in your self critiques of skyheart. This podcast and the last 3 point you mentioned that it could’ve been stronger had you done the kick starter differently. You can clearly hear that you are disappointed in certain aspects of it. Since you poured a million hours in it, it makes me a little sad to hear your frustration. As a consumer, I don’t want to buy something you are disappointed in. So change your phrasing and tone just a little. I certainly feel like honesty is important as you reflect on the process. We do all like to hear that. I think if you talked about it skyheart like someone else did it you would be gentler. And let’s face it, you are probably comparing yourself to some idealistic standard you expected from yourself, not what most near mortals could’ve done with the graphic novel! Don’t kill our excitement for the book with your self reflection. I promise, we won’t even notice those things you worry about. You’re a rockstar.

    As for inktober- still in shock at the response I got from my notecard set. I made a product, people actually bought it, and my head is still a little inflated from it. Got a new printer for Christmas and now I’m really in the stationary business.

    Thanks for always sharing your journey. We all learn from it!!!

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