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    I am kinda torn as an artist. I love SVS and the forum. I want to learn backgrounds and character design but slowly I’m realizing that just isn’t the artist I want to be. I feel pretty inadequate at the skills necessary to become a good story teller. However, it’s not just that... when I have free time to paint or unwind I always end up doing patterns. I get way more excited about an adorable set of cards or napkins then I do about a great children’s book. Only slightly. I know you guys say to compare yourself to what’s out there and see how your work stacks up. Honestly, I think my work does have the potential to be on fabrics and note cards. At least I don’t feel light years behind in skill level. I need refining for sure and growth in the technical aspects of design.

    If it’s okay, can I still hang out with you guys? I do love the work that you guys do! Please, any feedback on this collection would be helpful. This is going to be a set of notecards for my sister in law. Her son is going to New Zealand to serve a mission for two years. I’m going to do some other stationary with it as well. The New Zealand people call themselves “Kiwis” although I do know it’s actually a bird. I’ll probably paint one of those for the collection too. At some point I would like to make a few of these fabric patterns on spoonflower. I would love a silk scarf or a tie using the kiwi patterns. Thanks for your love and comments in advance!

    Please keep us updated on your textile design work @Lee-White !!! And any tips of what that type of portfolio should look like!

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    @whitney-simms I think that looks so pretty and professional, and if it's the thing that you're really passionate about go for it, you definitely have potential!

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    @whitney-simms I love all of the work you do and think your patterns are lovely. I also know what you mean about still wanting to hang out with people on the forum even if you are not doing illustration per se -- I find the forum as helpful for my writing life as I do for art because the kinds of things people are discussing and the way they look at the world dovetails with a lot of creative activities beyond strict illustration.

  • @whitney-simms I spent the last few years as a Kiwi! The bird is native to NZ so fair enough as a mascot, eh? Seems unlikely anyone is going to run you off for painting note cards. Also, they're really cute!

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    @NessIllustration @demotlj thanks for your kind words. I do love a great pattern when I see one in stores. Then I get mad, hey, I could probably do that and I want my prints on stuff. Sometimes you just got to get out there! And the forum is a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of things.

    @ThisKateCreates new Zealand! That’s awesome. I hear the people are super nice and of course it looks like a beautiful country! Would love to go visit my nephew.

  • @whitney-simms It really is worth visiting. I miss all the "bush walks." You don't need to go do all the tourist stuff either. Just go to all the little department of conservation walks/hikes and beaches and so forth! The nature is the best part. I recommend you take your paints or sketchbook too!

  • @whitney-simms the spaced out kiwi pattern is ace. Such a lovely flowy green. And Living Coral Pink is the pantone colour of 2019! Check out FEATHR. They set up in an arts led village in Scandinavia making wallpapers, fabrics and cushions from artists work. Might be worth asking them a few questions about getting involved in fabric printing. They're a lovely bunch.

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    @sigross thanks so much! That Pantone color is amazing! I was pumped when I saw it was the color of the year. I will totally check out feathr. Sounds like a great group. Thanks for the advice.

  • @whitney-simms Some artists that seem up your alley are Kendyll Hillegas and Minnie Small. Kendyll does colored pencil food illustration, Minnie does various subjects in watercolor, such as flowers or houses and so on. A good amount of art classes on Skillshare do this kind of pattern/aesthetic/loose watercolor style so it's worth a look!

    Maybe you're more inclined to graphic design illustration than story illustration. Package design, typography, patterning...seems youd like it!

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    @rinovarka I love Minnie Small. I checked out Kendyll Hillegas's work too! Thanks for the heads up. I've been thinking about venturing over to skill share. Quite few artists I follow have classes there. Maybe I can get a few short answers there about repeating patterns.

  • @Whitney-Simms I really enjoy looking at your work. Your style and the color palette is soothing. One of the many things that I enjoy about SVS is that we all have different styles and passions and we all have one important ingredient in common...Creativity!

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    ![alt text](1_1547750271413_17412FF9-A4D2-41B3-9E70-E4F8E5E8C092.jpeg 0_1547750271412_74A652F2-2B72-48FA-BDB2-0BFD344D2C8D.jpeg image url)

    Scanned and printed! It’s so much fun to think of the adventures these card will have traveling to and from New Zealand. My sister in law is a big supporter of my work. One of those family members that asks for big projects, but also respects your time enough to pay you. She’s going to be so surprised by all these. It’s great to give back to one of your most favorite people. She shares my love of notecards, so I know she will be excited for a custom collection. You know that feeling when you give it all you got? I’m sure there are people that can do better work, but I gave it all I got. This project wasn’t phoned in.

    Happy painting guys! Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement!

  • @whitney-simms I think you might also be interested in the works ofCJ Amaya !

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    Stay here and keep doing what you love! These look great. Sounds like you know your path 🙂

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    Great prints! As long as you’re doing your art because you really like it, then go for it❤

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    @rinovarka his lettering is insane! And such verities in the styles. Really nice!

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen thank you. I will stay!

    @nyrrylcadiz it is what I gravitate towards. I do love to make this stuff. It’s so rewarding to see the paintings have a life beyond the painting itself.

  • @Whitney-Simms I think your work is very lovely and I could totally see it gracing calendars and cards and such. Go with your passion. It looks very professional. I understand your angst though. I don't think I am cut out to be a children's illustrator either but I sure do love learning all that I can from everyone and applying it to my artwork.

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