Svs certificates and accredible

  • Hello,
    My name is Stephanie and I enrolled in SVS classes to improve my art. I went to a graphic school when I was young, but never really worked as an artist (except a bit of graphic design in freelance).

    [ Sorry if my writing english is a bit silly at times, I'm coming from France and it's a bit rusty. ]

    I have some questions about SVS certificates... For some classes, you can obtain one and I was wondering if there was any credit or value about the certificates. What does accredible? How does it work? It's a bit confusing. I'm not really looking for credits as I already have a bachelor's degree but it never hurt to have one more certification.

    Thank you for your answers 🦊

  • SVS OG

    Hi, Stephanie! Welcome to the forums! Sadly, SVS does not offer any accridited certificates. In my opinion though, you don’t really need one when going into the illustration industry. All you need is a stellar portfolio and great illustration skills. I hope this helps.

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