"BIG" - Which Composition?

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    Here are two compositions I am considering for "Big", opinions on which is the better option? Any feedback or critiques on either composition is appreciated! Thanks 🙂


    1. Boy holding toy truck in construction yard 2. Submarine in underwater cave

  • @inkandspatter

    I'd go with the first one with the boy and the heavy equipment. I get a much better sense of the word 'big' from it.

  • @inkandspatter For both, Id say push the size differences. I love the idea of the second one, so Ill talk about that one. In Finding Nemo, when Nemo looks over to the unknown area where the diver's boat's are, it shows a huge expanse of ocean. I think your composition could also include the size of the water as well as its creatures. I think 2 could benefit from a landscape position, without the border. In the background, the groups of wildlife could be spread.

    For 1, I think bringing the kid closer to the machines, or drawing out the shadows to overlap over the child, could emphasize the size. Or perhaps, just focus on having the one machine, of the one the child's toy is based off, and make that machine larger-than-life with some details. , or neck breaking awe by the child.

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    I agree with @rinovarka. I wonder if the trucks in #1 might be those mega trucks that are the size of houses? You'd have to have a normal size human nearby for scale, though. I also wonder if perhaps the shark in #2 might seem bigger if it's scale was so big it was filling up most of the page. Just a thought.

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    @Coreyartus @rinovarka Thanks for the advice, I agree I did not push the scale enough in either of these. I think I will refine both a little and then choose one. I was a little lazy with the placement of the ocean life because I figured I would place it better in the refined sketch - it was originally the boy from composition 1 standing in front of a huge aquarium. I decided against it because I am not a huge fan of aquariums, so I turned it into something more natural. I would definitely add more depth and go for more organic placement of wildlife.

    @rinovarka when you say ‘see huge expanse of ocean’ do you mean showing the surface as well? I’m going to search for the Nemo clip.

  • @inkandspatter @inkandspatter https://youtu.be/u9DbF2PMrDs
    Sorry for the vague description, I meant by large expense of ocean as seen in this clip, particularly as such in :13 or :23.

  • SVS OG

    Hi! I like the composition of the second one, but agree the size concept could be pushed more. A lot of size is relative, so comparison should do it!

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