Best website building services and best platforms to be on

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  • @geoffrey-gordon We are brothers in arms! Developers to Artists! lol

  • @irina with regards to society6 I was using it for a bit but I didn't like the quality of the paper (print all over T-shirts are boss though) and its in America, so I couldn't go and check out their facilities. So test printing is a bit expensive. I love The Printspace because they have lots of lush paper and I can go down and pickup test prints (only 30 mins away) in Shoreditch. Plus, I only have to upload to their site and then they handle all the boring stuff of paper stock, packaging and delivering. For printing on objects I use Contrado, as they are only down the road too. All the manufacturing is done in London.

    Personally, I don't want my designs on loads of objects as I like to keep things simple (Simple Simon). Not to say I wouldn't license a design to another company. I tried T-shirts a few years ago and it was grim. People want different sizes, want to return stuff that doesn't fit and storing tees is not viable living in a tiny London flat. Never again! I think sites like Society6 and Contrado help this by being print on demand. I still prefer a screen print to a digital print. I like the limitations and tactile nature of that thick gooey paint.

    To sell online you do need to register as a sole trader, only if you earn over £1000 though. It's not hard, just register on self assessment by October if you hit that £1000. Link to SELF ASSESSMENT on GOV.UK

  • @sigross Awesome! Thank you 😃 I actually drove past theprintspace last night in bus 67 hehehe. I.m thinking of ordering their paper sample pack

  • I used Wordpress to build my site, I won't lie, I struggled along for ages, never happy with that I have created.
    Eventually settling with it being 80% what I am looking for.

    I would use Squarespace, but I am not really wanting to pay $18 a month for the site. At the moment I pay $50ish for the entire year and that is for my hosting and domain renewal. But it looks so much easier to put together one here than in WordPress.

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    @reddprime I don't understand, did you use a premade theme?

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    I’m just going to comment on here so I can find this thread again. Extremely helpful! You guys are awesome! I really want to get a website ready in the near future.

  • @irina Aces! The sample pack is worth having for reference. Nothing like having it in your hand to feel the texture and appearance. They do a lovely Bamboo paper. My favorite paper for illustrations is the Hahnemüle Photorag. I love the smooth, matt finish. It holds the ink really well and looks similar to a screen print. They also do a free helpful book called - Selling Art Online 2018. You can just go in and pick one up from the counter.

  • @sigross Oh, that's great!!! Thank you

  • @nessillustration I used a prebuilt theme, but then customised it to what I currently have.

  • I just found a pretty awesome tool for this that was mentioned in this Creative Bloq post -

    The tool is, it seems super simple to use. You will just need to host the site.

  • @sigross With shopify, can i do a simple portfolio first and then develop the shop? Also, do i need a separate domain? some people said godaddy but others don't rec it... so confusing

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    @irina I think all-in-one platforms like Squarespace and Shopify give you the option to buy your domain directly from them. But if you have to go with a different domain, Google Domains is the safest cheapest option!
    I just wouldn't recommend a shop on Shopify, at ALL. It is the most expensive option you could go for.. I think even a shop on Squarespace is less expensive. But it's also easy to do yourself on Wordpress by putting in pre-built, pre-coded free plugins. There is so much documentation on Wordpress, you can Google "how to put together a shop in wordpress" and get videos of a step by step method, what plugins to use and how to assemble them in minutes to get your shop. It's that easy!

  • Storenvy is a good one to look into to sell art and have a shop. Pretty good community as well.

    For my site (, I use site123. Super simple and easy but with most of the tools you'd need.

  • @irina Yes they have free themes and you can build on it yourself. I bought one off pikikiwi and I bought my domain for the shop through Shopify to make it simple - you can adjust your privacy settings and transfer domains in shopify. I think the issue is, if you don't privatise your domain name then its on public display in the WHOIS database, with your email address and contact details. So that's why marketers will contact you. I have one of my addresses on public display and get website builders contacting me but I just ignore them or put them in my spam folder. Most junkmail I get already goes to my spambox. It depends how private you want to be. Running a shop online makes you accessible to the public. Perhaps setup a private email address and one you use for the shop.

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