Creativity/Productivity book club?

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    Happy New Year, SVS! Whether or not you’re into New Years resolutions, I think everyone here wants to learn to be more productive, organized, and creative. There are many books on those subjects that I am interested in reading, but I have realized that one thing that actually helps me with implementation is having an accountability partner or group. I was wondering if some people on the Forum here would be interested in reading books about Creativity/Productivity together and discussing them. Anyone interested?

    The first I had in mind was Growing Gills: How to Find Creative Focus When You’re Drowning in Your Daily Life by Jessica Abel.

    It has exercises to work though. We could take it slow, just doing one exercise each week. Other books could be taken at a different pace depending on the content.

    One drawback is that everyone would have to find and buy or borrow their own copy, but I feel like that is a worthwhile investment.

    Other books I want to get to include:
    Deep Work
    The Bullet Journal Method
    How To Sell Your Art Online
    Art, Money, and Success
    The Artists Way

    However, I am open to other ideas or suggestions.

    Does this sound interesting or useful to anyone?

  • @sarah-luann I am definitely interested (and that looks like a very good book to start with). I'm going to mull it over a bit before I commit -- I'm planning on taking an SVS live class this month and I want to be sure I can contribute to the group. This is a great idea.

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    I would enjoy participating if you don't mind an amateur in the group. (The thing about being an amateur is that I don't need to find time for creative work because my future livelihood isn't depending on it but sometimes that makes it even easier to give it a lower priority than I want it to have.)

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    Anyone at any level is welcome to participate. 😊

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    So there seems to be at least a little bit of interest, so here is what I am thinking. I will start a thread to post about my progress through Growing Gills. If anyone wants to join that would be awesome, but if no one does I will still consider the thread a sort of accountability tool. Having others post thoughts and encouragement there, even if they aren’t working along, would help.

    I am still recovering from travel, so I think I will start the thread in about a week, when we are all unpacked and recovered from jet lag 😊

  • Great book list.

    Deep work is fantastic. Carl Newport's other book "So Good They Can't Ignore You", is also a good read.

    The Artists Way changed my life. It is why I draw every day now, and love what I do. Before that, art was a struggle, riddled with self doubt. Now (for the most part) I just love the process.

    I'm all about productivity, learning and creativity. Here are my top 5 to add to the list. (The artists way and deep work would be in this list, but I decided to include 2 others instead)

    • The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin - great book on how to learn and enjoy it as you go.
    • Switch by Chip and Dan Heath - How to create new habits and make them stick
    • Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink - Book on mindset and a great read in general.
    • The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. This is more a business book, however if you plan to go down the self publishing route, I recommend reading this book. The way he approaches money is very different, but the mindsets will greatly help you.
    • The One Thing by Gary Keller. - Book on keeping focussed and productive.

    Another interesting one is Daily Rituals by Mason Curry.

    I'm always hesitant about reading books about selling art online. Specifically, if they go into strategy and tactics - the internet is changing all the time.

    However, two online resources I've been devouring (and recommend), is the Art Storefronts Blog and Podcast and Both are relevant, and ahead of the curve.

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    @Sarah-LuAnn I will buy the book today and look forward to your thoughts. Thanks for doing this.

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    @demotlj awesome! I will get a discussion thread up this weekend. 😁

  • To all of you who responded positively to this idea, either through likes or comments:

    @Laurel-Aylesworth , @Braden-Hallett , @BenR , @Blake-DeHart , @Kristin-Wauson , @ajillustrates , @Julia

    The thread is here if you're insterested in joining in:

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