Our SVS Virtual Studio 2019!

  • @Braden-Hallett Such luxury! (Don't take notice of this little jealous monkey.) This is so cool to hear that you just took a break from everything to go with your passion! You're my hero of the day. πŸ†

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    @LauraA I think this is wonderful! πŸ‘

  • @Braden-Hallett Your color choice is always amazing! You have a very personal and unique style. This happens whenever I leave my nephews to play alone. By the time I get back some one is in a head lock, haha!

  • This month I have been studying how to draw the head. A few of these are studies from life, others are studies from Andrew Loomis' book "Drawing the Head and Hands"

    Sketches of the character "Dr. Void"

    Head Studies


  • @SketchyArtish yay! Grilling!

    1.) I have a set amount of time (2 hours) in the morning that I use for practice linework, a random character (or colour/texture study, I kinda waffle between the two) and work on a comic page. So I DO have a time limit, but it's kind of a loose limit, if you get what I mean?

    2.)The prompts are from a random genny. Art prompts. I don't they update their site much anymore, though, which is too bad 😞 All kinda of neat prompts though for characters, monsters, environments, etc.

    Glad I could help πŸ™‚ Targeted art practice is HARD. Another neat place to get character concepts it the character drawing subreddit. Lots of neat dnd characters n stuff.

  • @Sas @RJWoodworth Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • @Braden-Hallett Thanks for the info. Art prompts is where I got the idea for today. That site and Something to Draw are great for randomness. Went to Reddit and I'm already subbed to that one. I need to login to my art account more often! πŸ˜ƒ

    There is just soooo much to learn with art. It really is tough not to chase squirrels and stay focused.

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    @Braden-Hallett I'm impressed with your volume even knowing that you "just draw all day." As a person with a perfection paralysis/volume problem, I'm totally inspired to follow in your footsteps! This week's podcast also helped.

  • @LauraA Thanks! Yeah, that was a particularly good episode of the podcast for me, too. I have the same analysis paralysis problem, too. I think it's just one of those things πŸ™‚

  • @burvantill I like these a lot-it's a great prompt. My favorite is the second to the last one, followed by the last one.

  • @cuquetafera These are very sweet and family-positive, which is perhaps what you're going for with some adverts for a doula.
    I think your choice of brown (vs traditional) back outlines is interesting-and gives them a fresh look.

  • @SketchyArtish Cool idea-can you tell us any more about the game? And kudos to you for doing a "sub-par" version. It looks like you went for the main points-i'll be curious to see how this develops-what the mid-par version looks like.
    Definitely the recent SVS podcast on obstacles is giving lots of pause-and hope.

  • 20190315_184149.jpg

    Made this guy. 4 inches tall

  • @Susan-Marks said in Our SVS Virtual Studio 2019!:

    @SketchyArtish Cool idea-can you tell us any more about the game? And kudos to you for doing a "sub-par" version. It looks like you went for the main points-i'll be curious to see how this develops-what the mid-par version looks like.
    Definitely the recent SVS podcast on obstacles is giving lots of pause-and hope.

    My current project is a bass fishing game. Pretty niche audience, but if anyone is interested it's at ToadTimeGame.com.. I also have some smaller "game jam" stuff at JerryDenton.com. I've been slacking on the short silly games lately and aim to improve that as this year goes on.

    Those drawings are basically just for a warm up in the morning. I run a couple of miles when I wake up every day, so I decided these characters would be my "creative jog". So far it's really working! Using the random generator and no references forces me to be creative, without the pressure of making something fantastic. Kind of like the gesture class we're doing but for character design. πŸ™‚ So while I could keep going on those if anything turns out really cool, it's more about just making something... anything to get started each day.

    Last couple of attempts:
    qc 0316.png

    qc 0318.png

  • My entry for the Calgary expo 2019 (which I SHOULD be exhibiting at) art book! The prompt was 'fantastic realms'.

    alt text

  • @SketchyArtish said in Our SVS Virtual Studio 2019!:


    Some fun! I grew up in the midwest where bass fishing was definitely a "thing." My people were a bit more into walleyes and lots of variety of trout-but bass fishing was around. It's so fun for me here, as a relative newbie, to put together the posts from folks and piece together their story, like how the image you posted of the "weigh in scene" fits into your overall work.

    I like the idea of the morning drawing warm-up. I'm trying to chip away at the "oh, Must Be Perfect" gremlin who sings to me every time I put (apple) pencil to paper/iPad.

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    FYI Graphite transferring does not work well on aluminum. 😝
    This is AFTER going over the faint lines from the transfer. Very light. And don’t bump it because it wipes right off. 😳πŸ€ͺ

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    2DAAC8B1-9583-4E9C-87E0-52F5B928B17F.jpeg I painted this for my mom today. It was fun. She came and chatted while I painted. Not a master concept, but it was nice watching what the color did on arches 300lb paper and not be stressed about the result. Most of the time I using that paper I’m super stressed and do enjoy the process. It is completely different then my everyday paper:

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    @burvantill Have you tried Xerox transfer? reverse a xerox copy of the image and use a solvent such as acetone to transfer the image? - pretty sure folks use it on aluminum plates for printmaking - It works really well on paper too πŸ™‚

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    @Kevin-Longueil I didn’t think of it. I’ve seen it done in Pinterest but have never had a reason to do it... until now. Lol. This is a one time project for a family member. I am creating a mask on the aluminum with tape and mask it goop. Then I’m going to spray paint the black part of the image. THEN I’m going to do that 2 more times for the other two colors. Like a really time consuming print process but with spray paint🀣. I’m wondering now if that xerox transfer would leave residue that the paint would flake away from πŸ€”. No worries. I’m already neck deep. Thank you for the tip, though. πŸ™‚

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