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  • Hi there,

    I just discovered SVS and have been checking out the videos and really happy with what I'm learning as I definitely needed the guidance. I discovered the forums and thought it'd be a good idea to post a couple illustrations I've done to get some feedback from the community. They're just some character designs, nothing too crazy but I struggle a lot with hands, feet, pose and just a general lack of confidence that what Im doing looks good. These illustrations differ in style (which is something I struggle with and am working towards) and some are digital, some traditional. I just feel like im going wrong somewhere, but can't figure out where.

    Thanks so much for viewing and critiquing!







  • @12before34

    Hello and welcome to the forum community! 🙂

    Your first two works look to have a cohesive style. I am not all to good at explaining the styles I see of other people's work. I don't have a style myself. However your first two characters have crisp edges, sometimes soft colour transitions, you are bold with your colour choices, and I really like how you bring emotion to those faces with simple lines.

    The second last work, the red head and the girl with the lollipop are really cute and you have kept those faces similar to the above works I mentioned.

    SVS has introductory courses on How To Draw Everything, Light and Shadow, to Creative Composition (which I am currently taking) that you can start working on.

    SVS also holds monthly contests. You will find good people, good feedback and you will grow when you put the right work into it.


  • Heather, thanks so much for the kind words! 2 main styles I’m forever in love with is the mid-century modern/retro type illustration style with simple line work and minimal facial features and hair styles. I just haven’t found a way to “perfect” it so to speak, in my own eyes and my own way so it’s reassuring to see there’s a positive response. The other style is a more curvy style (I haven’t really put any I’ve done here yet) that is reminiscent of work done by Bruce Timm or for a frame of reference, the old Archie and Sabrina cartoons from the 60s. Once again, still finding my footing with putting my own spin on that style. Thanks!

  • @12before34

    Welcome to the forums! I like the direction your art is going 🙂

    I get that feeling of 'I'm doing it wrong but not sure why' all the friggin' time. It SUCKS.

    Just remember that as an artist you're not a mechanic. There's rarely a screw to tighten or part to change out that will magically make the art machine work perfectly. The solution is usually to simply do more. If you're working on hands and feet go draw 100 of them. Start a project which forces you to draw them things.

    @Heather-Boyd has good advice. 'How to draw everything' will really help.

    Seemingly unrelated rant follows 🙂

    Also, if artists WERE mechanics, most of them would be trying to work on their machine (which comes unassembled in mislabelled baggies) while it was running and in motion, parts flying off as they desperately try to hammer it into submission with whatever wrench happens to be handy, careening off other artists and eventually slamming their smoking wreck of a machine back into their garage.

    Some people say 'machine's broke' and leave it in the garage. Some people take the time to find the instructions and assemble the wheels and steering. Others just keep taking it out for a spin and eventually find a design that works.

    When you practice drawing the things you're uncomfortable with, your'e building your art machine.

    Go draw 100 hands.

    Or whatever makes you happy.

    Either way, welcome to the forums 😃

  • @Art-of-B

    Thank you so much for the advice and I really like the mechanic analogy. Drawing 100 hands is something I've thought about doing but never actually did (maybe got to 20 lol) but its something that im going to start doing. I've checked out some courses on here that cover hands and feet and following along, I still could not get a decent looking hand or a good perspective on feet. Im going to come back to this in a little bit and share a couple pictures of sketches I've done recently honing in on the hands and feet. Im hoping that if I get some fresh eyes on it, I can be pointed in a more clear direction. For now though, I want to share an illustration of a coffee cup I did to highlight the consistency (or maybe lack thereof!) in texture to the first two illustrations. I did this illustration because I wanted to see if I could replicate that same style I did with the witch and the magician in terms of texture and shading etc.

    Thank you!


  • @12before34 Welcome to SVS! Thanks for sharing you work. If you are thinking about refining your style or at least sorting out your art influences, check out Lee's SVS class called "How to Discover you Style"

    I did the exercise in there, called "Dream Portfolio" It has helped me really figure out what I specifically like about different artists approaches, and thinking about how i can use that to better my own work and come up with my own approach.

    Glad to have you here!

  • @Spencer-Hale thanks!!! I’m gonna check that course out right now! And thank you for the welcome 🙂 I’m glad to be here

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