What would be a good way/website to print ten copies of a book for friends and family?

  • Let's say I draw a book for my niece, and I'd like a copy for me and maybe one for my classroom. How could I do such a limited run and end up with a well-bound, nice looking book? Is there such a service or will it have to be spiral bound?

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    I’ve used Lulu.com for this in the past. I haven’t compared prices recently but I liked the options and quality I received.

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    There are many websites that offer this service! Haven't looked into it recently, but if you google it look for the words print on demand or no minimums/low minimums

  • @demotlj looking at the site, it seems like this is more for novels? Did you use the photobooklet option and turn that into a children's book?

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    I have used Mixbook in the past to make family vacation books and illustration collections for my dad, I like the value and quality. The matte finish hardcover is really nice. The have a limited number of sizes, but there's still enough variety. You can use a blank template and import all your pages, or use the templates if you want to add text/titles/etc in their builder.

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    @kylebeaudette I used it for picture books - paperback with, if I remember correctly, perfect binding. It took a little bit of learning to upload the proper PDFs but they allow for custom covers and full bleeds. Here is my page with the three books (and one ebook) I did. You can’t see the inside of the books on this site but you can see the covers. (They are for sale on this site but I’ve never marketed them. I just print them for myself and friends.). Hope that link works.


    One nice thing about Lulu is they keep your files. I did the first one of these about 15 years ago but can still order copies from them today if I want.

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