Hello from Austria

  • Hello,

    my name is Michaela. I am 43 years old or young, depends on how you will see it.

    Last summer I took a longer break from work to relaxe and give my creative side some time. I discovered drawing for myself. I more or less started from zero, as I didn't draw since I have been to school (over 20 years ago).

    I started to explore the street art in my hometown Vienna. Did a graffiti workshop and started to sketch regularly. And in Oktober I made it to finish all 31 prompts. You can see some of my drawings on my Instagram

    Some month ago I started watching Jake Parker's videos and now listening to the 3 point perspective podcasts and finally decided to create an account on the forum.

    I would like to be able to create personal projects, not replace my day job. There are so many stories, visions and other ideas in my head I would like to share.

    I'd appreciate any feedback, specifically on how to start and learn the fundamentals. I know the majority of you are much more advanced than I am, however I would really enjoy having some conversations with all of you!

    Greetings from Vienna,

  • @mikinberger Nice to meet you! The curriculum classes are probably the best way to start. Having critiques and feedback helped me a lot, whether on this forum or in a studio setting or a group or taking a live online class. Your work has a lot of whimsy. It's off to a great beginning. 🙂

  • @ThisKateCreates thanks for the nice welcome!
    I didn't decide yet what I will do get a subscription for a year or buy the basic courses individually. I think I will start with how to draw everything. But definitely one of the basic course.

  • @mikinberger I was hesitant for a subscription but they had a week free thing a little while ago and once I tried it decided it was worthwhile. My favorite class so far is Creative Composition 2, but How to Draw Everything does seem to have good coverage of the fundamentals, so better to start with that if you are a complete beginner. The light and shadow course looked like less exercises but really important content too.
    Right now I'm working through the exercise books for Creative Composition 2 and Environment design. The workbooks are really helping me and there is one for How to Draw Everything too.
    Good luck!

  • SVS OG

    Welcome to the forum! Personally, I decided that the cost of membership was less expensive than buying the individual courses I wanted. Since I joined, they have added many more videos and even re-recorded some that I watched in the past, so I've found it to be well worth the subscription.

    Whether you subscribe or not, this forum is a great place to be!

  • @thiskatecreates I didn't know about the work books. Thought it's only videos. But that sounds even better. I am a big fan of workbooks.

    Happy new year!

  • @kat Thanks! I can already feel the positive vibes coming from this forum 🙂
    Happy new year!

  • @mikinberger The fact that there are exercises definitely increases the value for me. I like homework. XD. Not every class has "assignments" but a lot of the "curriculum" ones do and I'm finding them really helpful.

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