Watercolor Sketches

  • I've been working on watercolors a lot over the last couple of months. Ever since I tried out gouache way back in March, I've really been enjoying the lovely quality of paint. Then a friend gave a me a really good set of watercolors, and I fell in love all over again!
    Something I've been trying to challenge myself with is "clean" mixing. I tend to get muddy colors, so I've been working really hard to pay attention to what colors mix well together. My style of inking is pretty clean and bold, so I want my watercolors to have a similar feel. It's easy for me to go overboard with layering, but I find that I prefer to do mixing ahead of time, and then do fewer layers (so the white of the page can add some luminescence...?) I hope that all makes sense! My goal is to one day color an entire comic with watercolors, so I need to find a way of painting that is efficient and consistent.

    0_1545091979785_watercolor sketch 1.jpg
    0_1545092089604_watercolor sketch 2.jpg

  • @missmarck Oh nice! I think you're well on your way to gettin' that watercolour comic started. Looks pretty awesome to me 🙂

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    Very nice work!

  • Really lovely

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