What are you drawing today?

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    @smceccarelli you kinda influenced me with your halloween project. Although mine won't be as amazing as yours was.

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    @chip-valecek It will be amazing in your way!

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    No drawing today... but here are my plans for January.

    1- make up. Fun! My niece does the makeup tutorials and I’m totally going to make her buddy up with me. She’s gorgeous.

    2- honey bees. Cause they are awesome and I need them ready to go for spring. Wouldn’t it be cool to put a packet of wildflowers in the order to save the bees!

    3- collaboration with an awesome 16 year old friend who has a YouTube channel around American girl dolls. We all wish to have her following. I’m going to paint a few of her dolls. Then maybe make a free printable for her people. Like a paper doll type thing. They can be the fashion designer and color the inked linework.

    4- purses and shoes. I’m dreaming about going to my sister in laws and snapping pictures of all her fabulous treasures. It seems like very chic collection.

    So- no drawing today. Folding laundry and doing dishes. But I can brainstorm for when after Christmas paintings are done. And get distracted by the forum!

    @Art-of-B dude, that’s an amazing list right there! Knock it out of the park!

    Happy painting friends!

  • It's really interesting to hear what people are working on, especially the pros!

    I am getting to work on a side project doing the visual development for a video game my friends are coding. I need to draw some interiors for a little Victorian town and will probably do some perspective practice first.

  • @nessillustration Drawing kids, or more exact a little boy from the movie Le Ballon Rouge for a project. Momentarily trying to "learn" him and observe him - manerisms, character, proportions, pose, gesture, movement etc and hopefully will be developping him into a more stylized version soon

    Which soon i have no idea when it will be since i am crazy busy with moving to another country and sorting through a life of stuff to put into 2 pieces of luggage to leave in 2 weeks (the rest i'm putting into boxes at my parents). Found my manga drawings from when i was 17 and 18 and realized that was 20 years ago.. scary

    Many drawings and so many notebooks of fanfiction hahaha. oh well :))

  • Fun thread! Are we supposed to share pictures for accountability? 😂

    Today I'm working on some thumbnails for an art Secret Santa that I'm a part of, and then trying to finish up some book illustration pages. I've got 5 more to go, but they're each about 70-90% done, just have to do touch-ups. Trying to get them done by the end of the week.

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    This morning I started on a mental health art break🤣. I’ve been focusing so much on getting my book dummy finished that I’ve neglected everything else. So I drew a funny bear from a photo and inked it. Brought it into procreate to color and then realized how much time i was spending and went back to the dummy. One more loose spread and single page, then a redo on a full color page and it’s ready to go. 😃. Finished not perfect, right?😶

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    Today I started a project with my 5 year old niece. Once or twice a month, I am going to mail her an illustration I've painted of a scene with animal characters and she is going to write a story based on what she thinks is going on in my picture (or dictate it to her mother.). After a year, I will compile my pictures and her stories and print a book for her. She'll learn about writing stories and I'll continue to improve my painting skills... and it will be fun 🙂

  • Today I just started thumbnails for the Creative Composition Assignment … blimey, I tell you what, this workbook has been one of the hardest things I've done in years lol

  • @sophie-lawson

    lols I haven't started the workbook as of yet. But I have watched roughly 33% of the videos and I have printed off Design Composition Checklist which is Amazing! I have two ideas I am working through. I am very happy with one composition, the story in the other is now set but working through the composition with the aid of the "concepting" part of the checklist. But I really enjoyed this part in school. I went to a conceptual art school so it seems natural and organic once I get into it.

    I am sorry I haven't update on the Virtual Studio - I had to clean my working surface and then I got busy. I hope to update on this upcoming Saturday. Thanks to you I have added two review practise days to my week and have gone back to drawing shapes and combining them.

    Today I am working on Corel Painter Essential 5 to continue to experiment with blending pastels that I started up last week. I was sad to find I couldn't find Gouache on Corel Essential 5. 😞

    Anyways, that's me today 🙂

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    I finished up some watercolor postcard/bookmarks meant for Christmas gifts. You guys get to see 'em first! I tried out brown ink on the top one and am pretty please with how it turned out. The linework isn't as stark as black.


  • @carriecopa

    I like how they are light and playful. Your first one has a bit more contrast then your second piece. 🙂

  • @carriecopa Ooooh I love your character design, so beautiful ❤

    I'm working on some comic black and white spreads for a project in my day job, and in my spare time I'm trying to work on another one of my haunted house story pieces, it's becoming a very slow process annoyingly! I'm hoping to have 3 examples from that story for my portfolio 🙂

    On my list for the new year, I'd like to illustrate some scenes from The Secret Garden and I've designed my own version of Postman Pat so I would love to work on some scenes from that!
    Always love hearing what everyone is working on, don't know about anyone else, but it always motives me 🙂

  • @hannahmccaffery

    Love the Secret Garden ❤ it's on my list as well. I am excited to see yours 🙂 .

  • @heather-boyd I'm excited to see yours too!

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    @carriecopa That is so pretty, Carrie!

  • I am so scatter-brained this week I haven't got much done. My step-daughter had her wisdom teeth cut out, and I've been doing a bunch of Christmas shopping, plus we're getting ready to do home renovations, so I feel like my head isn't on straight.

    I'm mostly trying to get a portfolio together. Several years ago I did some drawings about memories of my childhood growing up in central WV, so I thought I'd revisit that for my next few portfolio pieces. Here's a sketch I just did for one called "Catching Fireflies."


    The child is supposed to be pre-school, so I think I'll need to re-draw his body. I'm just trying to get ideas for kids and poses and such for now.

    I've also been adding some of my work to t-shirts and such on TeePublic and RedBubble, which is a full-time job in and of itself.

  • @heather-boyd Aww … I must admit, I've been coming back here every day hoping to see an update from you lol

    Hope the working surface looks nice and clean though 🙂 That's so cool about the combining shapes thingy … I'm on day 22 of combining them before bed, and they're finally starting to look a lot nicer, so I think it's going to be worth it 🙂 I've also been doing what you said about, by sketching the shapes lightly and that's been working great too, so thank you 🙂

    I have some notes and stuff to post, but, I'm a little overwhelmed with this course. Think it's a bit too much for me, I am trying my best though ... I turned my thumbnail into a sketch, than added colour but it is so bad … like, really bad lol But you know what, I'm so proud of it 🙂

    I've never done anything like this before, and I did the inks and colour digitally which I also don't have much knowledge of, so while it looks super basic … maybe, in a years time, I can redraw it and make it look a bit more like it is in my head 🙂

    It's weird, you watch the videos and they make it seem so easy, you try and do it and ARGHHHH, what a mess 🙂

  • @carriecopa love that blue one … the lil bit of pink adds a bit of mystery too. Really like the feel of this one 🙂

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    Working on an illustration for a Sports company ! 🙂

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