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  • I plan to fill a sketchbook of copies for november. Wanted to do this for a long time, and the time has come 🙂 I just feel like I developed some habits I hate and I also hope to get some ideas how to draw some stuff I am weak at.

  • @Jiří-Kůs Lol - that's a good way to fill the hole of loss after Inktober finishes haha.


  • @Ace-Connell I actually wanted to continue with inkvember, but I realized I REALLY need some practice. And it is really exhausting to poop out presentable drawing everyday that. Need to relax with some scribbling and copying 🙂

  • Never thought about using others work to build off of. Great post and thanks for opening my eyes a little bit wider.

  • Here another great piece which inspired me to copy for practice. It is originally done by AJ Nazzaro ( When I saw this cool guy I was totally fallen for him. 🙂 I used this colorful piece to practice traditional pencil drawing.
    AJ Nazzaro Kopie.jpg

  • Some more "copies", which I have been posted already in earlier threads. My reference is by Carl Spitzweg. I love to use his paintings for practicing environments in different techniques.
    Carl Spitzweg Kopie.jpg

  • I agree with Ace, I also think it's a good opportunity to see how other artists approach a subject. How they work on simplifying things, how they apply gesture and perspective in their artworks. Also, open our eyes new art styles and use of shapes. I think it just adds somewhat to our library too. I oftentimes feel like when I do one of these copy studies I feel a little bit inspired and motivated to create my own stuff. 🙂

    By the way, your studies are awesome, Jana! Keep it up.

    On a side note, a study I did once and had a lot of fun was to try to make characters from CG animated films into 2D. I love lines so it was a good exercise. 🙂

  • @Jiří-Kůs

    This is a GREAT idea. I am going to start a "copying" sketchbook........ right now! I learn so much from other artists all the time, I think it would help a lot to devote an entire sketchbook to this!

    Thanks for the idea! And thanks to @Jana for starting this post and sharing your very inspiring studies

  • @joyce_carmo Your Chef Skinner looks amazing! Really great likeness.

    @NoWayMe Awesome! When you're copying, make sure you're paying close attention to the forms and the construction. Otherwise, it's just mindless copying. Try and get as much from it as possible and it'll be awesome for you.


  • @Ace-Connell Thanks, Ace!
    I find really difficult to translate these characters from 3D to 2D, though they came from a 2D first. It's curious, hahaha. That's why I thought it was a good exercise of copying. 🙂

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    I am a HUGE fan of doing copy work as a way to get better. It allows you to step into other peoples shoes and see how they draw something. It's the quickest way to getting good in my opinion.

    Keep it up! : )

  • Thanks for all your comments so far on this thread! 🙂 Interesting to hear all your opinions.
    On my way to try different techniques and to find which works best for me, I am experimenting with a pencil drawing, which I want to color digitally. Here is what I made today. It is Mr. Mayor from Whoville from the movie "Horton hears a who" (his son Jojo will appear next to him). I LOVE this movie!
    I tried to color with different layer settings like overlay, multiply, ... I am not sure if I am doing right here. Does anybody used this technique and can give some advice?

  • Or more like this... ? Here the original pencil drawing looks a bit more natural. I guess I also have to work on the quality of the scanned drawing.

  • Oh man I am just few pages in my copy-sketchbook and it so fun 😃 And it feels so good to draw these amazing pictures. I just realized that I never really did that, what i did most of the time was copying photos and never seeing the point of copying other peoples work....gaaah, this will be the best sketchbook...and I will not show it to will 😃

  • Jana - I'm so glad you posted this! I love that you're copying to get better. There's something that happens when you copy a really good piece of art - it builds connections in your brain that you'll be able to recall later. You'll be able to solve some of your own problems based on what the other artist did - and you can't get this merely by looking...

  • Hi Jane I have found that copying helps alot. It makes you observe more carefully. great job on these that look great.

  • Thanks, Lee! 🙂 @Lee-Holland
    Today I practiced some coloring with a focus on light and shadow. For that I used Nates girl (@naters-calderone), a piece which I made in Nates style for practicing in inktober. Because it is not my original idea, I put this here in the copy thread.
    I am not so sure about adding shadow to the grass. Does it look right to you? Also the hair can be colored better, or? Any ideas?
    Nates girl.jpg

  • Looks great Jana. Ive had a look at where the light is coming from, and I see no problems with the shadows in the grass. very nice

  • Thanks, Lee (@lee-Holland)! Glad you like it!
    After trying some styles I feel most comfortable now with scanned line art (I don't have a tablet yet) and coloring digitally. Because I work with a mouse, I prefer to keep coloring in a more "simple" way. I also love traditional looks, particular water colors in the background, but for this I will wait till I have a tablet. 🙂

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