E.A. Pow WIP

  • Here's my work so far. It's in the "very ugly" stage. LOL

  • i think it looks good! can't wait to see where it goes!

  • Hey Suzy this looks good! - i checked out your earlier posts and see that you can really draw!! - for critique for this piece i would mention a couple of things - the skull is drawn as a realistic skull which has volume - the smoke that is curling in and out of the skull is very flat...this is fine i think - but the way it travels through the skull is flattening the skull - for instance where the smoke curls through the skulls right eye(our left)it goes in and straight up and out of a wound on the forehead - there is no thickness to the skull and no depth to the eye socket - the same is happening with the other eye - random thoughts would be...how does the smoke relate to the text..could the smoke curl up and become the scroll..perhaps in three parts - i'm missing the theme also - but it could be that i have not read the story this pertains to - how does the smoking skull relate to Poe- does it have too?- i really like the drawing but i think for the assignment it should have a more direct reference to Edgar Allan Poe - Not sure though .. Early stage and it is looking good!

  • Thanks for the feedback and kind words. The Gold-Bug is the first story I read and was thinking of a pirate mystery eery sort of theme. The "smoke" going up will probably be less pronounced and more streaky as to give some dimension. I was thinking to do a wooden texture cover with leather edges and gold corner motif and trim. There are so many other well known themes typically used I was looking to try something different. We'll see. 🙂

  • suzy, this is a beautiful design!

    I have to say though, I do agree with some of the things that kevin said. Skulls have been used in so much imagery (tattoos, horror posters, etc) and is so symbolic that it's going to be extremely difficult to get past that. Seeing a skull, no matter how well painted probably won't stand out in a portfolio or on a shelf. I've had a few designs rejected by art directors due to this (even though they liked the designs!).

    I'd finish this if you feel a connection to it. But I would also recommend trying to get something with more of your (and Poe's) "voice".

    I look forward to seeing where you head with it! : )

  • @Lee-White Thank so much for your insight! I agree. I was struggling with the idea but opted to just move forward. Sometimes I get caught up in the idea part of projects and never start them so I just bit the bullet and decided this would work for now. Painting and drawing in this way is a challenge and I want to get more proficient. Cheers!

  • This is some of the process I was struggling through. 🙂


  • Thats awesome!

  • There are some really awesome ideas that can be found in the image. You really are onto a cool concept.

  • Hello fellow southerner and fellow old lady! I too graduated in 1985 from Georgia Southern University. I love your drawings and can't wait to see what you do with them!!

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears I was a whole minus 2 years old when you graduated lol.


  • Sadly I graduated from HS 3 years earlier than you two ladies...1982!

  • @Rob-Smith don't be sad, we were graduating from college in 1985!

  • @Ace-Connell but you are two years older than my oldest child, haha!

  • So, based on your suggestions, I'm attempting to take this in a more refined direction. What do you think?IMG_0001.JPG

  • Personally I really like this image. I like the wood texture, the creepy figure, the blue room interior, and the flourishes in the corners. I've sat and stared at this for a few minutes now! I want to open the book to see what is inside.

  • @Rob-Smith Thanks, Rob! I am really focusing on the creepy eery horror aspect of Poe, so that tells me I'm headed in the right direction. Hopefully I can ramp it up and finish before the deadline. 🙂

  • Very Nice!

  • This is looking great.. I like the inclusion of his portrait this time, it's much more individual and interesting. The wood grain and flourishy corners really fit the style too.

  • I have a few more things to tighten up for tomorrow. I hope I can get a good photo. This is a snapshot taken from my phone.IMG_0002.jpg