My "Poe" Design

  • This was such a fun prompt I couldn't resist. I have three roughs but this one I sketched up today. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • Here are the other two roughs. I like working on Post It notes for roughs.
    FullSizeRender (1).jpg

  • @Rob-Smith this is really nice! Great job!!

  • @Rob-Smith I love this sketch - beautiful.

    My only crit would be that the house looks too stable, and held so carefully and comforting by lovely hands - perhaps it could use some instability (eg less straight like it was falling?), some cracking and imperfections, held in creepier, more menacing hands? As it is now, it reminds me of "You're in good hands with Allstate" (insurance commercial). Love the hand written text, and the dirt/roots

  • the first image looks really nice, but there is something very intriguing about the 3rd one. It almost looks like they are alive to me because of the way they slide down and the uneven shapes and sizes too.

  • @naroth-kean227 Yeah, I really like the third one as well/ It makes me feel uneasy which I like.


  • I don't mind the straightness of your latest one. To me it's almost like the calm before the storm since you know the second those hands get a little movement the house is going to crumble and "fall". Maybe move it a little bit forward in time by one or two of the fingers starting to slip so that only a small portion of the house is starting to deteriorate. I also think those nails could use a little work. Right now they seem huge and distracting. Maybe the size isn't even the issue once they get refined. Play around with that.

    Neat stuff!

  • what about going with that last design idea--have the house on that line and underneath is a grave? I might be getting my stories mixed up but wasn't the Fall of the House of Usher about a burial?

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I really appreciate the group. I too like the third rough. I'm going to be working that one up and will share it soon for your comments.

  • @Rob-Smith Great... I really love that third one 🙂


  • So here is a rough of the third image idea. Type is rough and not really fleshed out. Critique and comments needed.

  • Just a note: it's Usher, not Asher. 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I think this is a really interesting composition, I like the way the tilted hill implies the 'fall', great sense of anticipation. My first thought, it took me a little longer to connect the red word 'fall' with the blood dripping out of the house...just an idea but visually it might be interesting to connect them a bit more, with the 'L' dripping through the balcony and then making it the same width of the L at the exit of the house (at the moment it's really thin as it exits..) and then making a bit more of the drippings at the bottom...perhaps shape it more fluidly or something. But I like the restricted palette, the white text on black, looks great 🙂

  • Thanks for the good ideas! I guess I can't read my own writing...I thought I wrote Asher down : )

  • @Rob-Smith Wow... your handwriting must be even worse than mine. I didn't think that was possible, but an A for a U is a special kind of scruffy haha.


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