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  • Hey guys!

    My name is Crystal, I'm a graphic designer in Mississippi. I've been working in advertising for almost 10 years, but something changed a few years ago when I bought the iPad Pro and Pencil and rediscovered my love of illustrating by hand. It's grown from a hobby to a passion to a very real potential career change.

    In design school, we learned a lot about software and grids and type and corporate layout, but things like artistic composition and color theory and lighting and focal points were not really part of the curriculum. My goals here with SVS are to fill in the gaps in my education where I never learned these really important fundamentals, and refine my digital painting style so I can work more quickly and efficiently. Not to mention learn a little bit about the business side of things and try to ease into the world of children's book illustration.

    Some of my biggest influences are the mid-century greats:

    • Alain Grée
    • The Provensens
    • Mary Blair (of course)
    • Richard Scarry
    • JP Miller

    And these amazing artists who are current in the industry:

    I'm super excited to be here and meet you all and work on improving my skills!

  • Just for a little bit of context, this is an illustration I did maybe a year ago, and I'd consider it the best and most complex piece of art I've ever made. It's also one of the only illustrations I've made that I'm really proud of. I know I have a lot to improve but I think I've made some really great strides with this one.

    Folk Tale illustration

    Here's a quicker digital painting I did a few days ago that was based on an Inktober sketch from this year. I'm trying to work on experimenting with textures and lighting.

    Marshmallow Witch

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  • Hello Crystal. Welcome to the forum. I'm a new there too. Ohh, I have been working in android app reviews company. 5 years ago, I was dreaming to become a graphic designer, but some circumstances didn't let me to make my dream true... However, I believe that I have enough time to do it in near 2 years, but I don't know where to start and what to learn...

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