November 3rd Thursday - Murders in the Rue Morgue

  • Hi, so here are my 3 variations of Poe stories cover... so which one should I push? 🙂

  • Nice ideas! 🙂 I like the first and the second most. Maybe the second a bit more. 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I really like the second one 🙂

  • partial to the second one. Only thing: the orangutan was the murderer (you kinda have an orangutan type shadow going already) but that was supposed to be a surprise. Maybe I'm over thinking this but I'm not sure if you'd want to do an ape shadow and thus "give away" the ending or if you'd do a man's shadow and "trick" people.

    Maybe it doesn't matter since the story is so old?

    Great Poe image and great placement of text--overall the comp is really, really strong!

  • @mattramsey Really? And I intentionally did the shadow this way so it does not resemble and orangutan 😃 I was going for crouching man figure.

  • I don't see an orang utan. For me this shape can be anything, even a human.

  • Great comps! I also like the 2nd piece. And to me it doesn't look like and orangutan. It seems a bit more energetically menacing than the others. However I'm intrigued by the third... is the head of Poe made from blood on the ground? Or is it a shadow? The 3rd could really work if you pushed the perspective of the alley - pushing it at an angle like the 2nd piece. Right now it seems a bit stable with it centered and there for not so threatening. Look forward to seeing the direction you choose.

  • SVS OG

    These look great and could all work i think - i lean toward the first one - it is more book-cover'ish to me and i really like the architecture - i think you did a great job with it - it is great the way it is but if i were to give a reaction i would say to not have the raised knife - you could have just the lighted window or windows - you have already made a very tense environment with the buildings and the tilt - the shadows in the room feel like they give away a bit too much - i'm thinking Stanley Kubrick with this and maybe having blood pouring down the front of the building from the lit room - more symbolic than illustrative...i'm not sure about our instructions to elude to Poe.....does that mean elude to his likeness somehow..i'm not sure...if so the fist one would need this element added .....the second one (and i'm sure you will catch this) has a shadow missing from the light pole - The third one is my second favorite and it has two elements i like - first i really like the way you draw the architecture and second you worked Poe in and eluded to the violence of the story without illustrating it - i'm reading it as an alleyway drenched in blood and we can make out Poe's likeness in the blood - great idea - i think the perspective of the face in the blood needs to recede quite a bit more and it will still be readable - you could draw your likeness of Poe without any distortion and then use Perspective Warp to stretch his face down the alleyway and it should look perfect - i am also reading this as having the title written as though someone used their finger to write through the blood..nice touch - very macabre

  • @Katrina-Fowler it's blood 🙂

    @Kevin-Longueil Interesting points! Shadows in the windows are kind of cheesy. I wanted to have dripping blood from windows in the thirds one, but it didnt look right. Maybe it would work in the first one. Lamp pole will have to go, no place to place the shadow and it is too close to border.
    Regarding architecture... google maps is endless inspiration I was just walking around Rue Lagrange in Paris and stealing anything I liked 😃

  • I think the second concept is your strongest. It is interesting, still has some of the beautiful architecture, and I just love when text is placed as part of the image. Your comps are easy to distinguish what you are planning. I Do agree the murders shadow needs work. I'm sure you'll find the right shape as you play with it a little. The triangle you have going on between the three elements works well no matter which way your eye follows them.

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

  • @Jiří-Kůs said:

    @mattramsey Really? And I intentionally did the shadow this way so it does not resemble and orangutan 😃 I was going for crouching man figure.

    Well I saw the extra long arms, the hunched over posture, etc. Maybe knowing the story put enough ambiguity in my mind that I wasn't quite sure.

  • So I worked on the cover. I guess it is better to put title name just straight instead of in perspective distortion. Maybe if I worked a bit more on the could work..maybe...I dont know. What you think about the rest? I kept the murderers shadow quite sketchy, seemed to me more horrific 🙂 Also the perspective on buildings is quite off, thought some distortion could bring more disturbing atmosphere.

  • Or I could just write it by hand?

  • @Jiří-Kůs The handwritten one looks far better to me 🙂

    Well done, the piece has real drama with the perspective!

  • @Jiří-Kůs Hi Jiri, Well done! I would lower the detail on the pavement and upgrade the shades on `Edgar a bit, maybe a stronger shade on his face makes it more dramaitic?The houses are nicely done!

  • SVS OG

    This looks great, I agree the handwritten text looks best. I love the dramatic shadowy feel, and the rendering - especially on his jacket, that's beautifully painted.

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    Really great concepts here! nice work!

    two things could improve this piece. The first is that shadow really needs work. It's such a focus that you have to really nail that shape. Take your time. It probably shouldn't look sketchy, keep it a strong a well drawn shape.

    I love the buildings, but you may want to scale them vertically a bit. They look too small for his scale.

    Really solid piece here! : )

  • SVS OG

    @Jiří-Kůs This looks great Jiri! - I am the odd man out on the favorite script - the first is maybe not exciting but I think it looks the best - I don't think the script needs to be interesting though - for me there is something nice about the second one but not quite right - I think my brain wants each line of the script to follow the perspective of the ground and at least have the first and third rows parallel to one another - for me the hand written one is not working as well as the others - I think if you wrote it flat and without distortion and tried Perspective Warp on the script it might work better - (could you spell out the title in an organic but readable fashion in the cobble stones.....that would be easy right 🙂 ..) I know Lee mentioned the sketchiness of the edge of the shadow(around the arms and hands) but I think too you might want to try a little bit of gradation to the shadow - I think even the smallest amount would be nice - possibly instead of darkening the core you could lighten the edges a bit...anyways those are my subjective thoughts - really nice work - I love the environment and feeling of the piece.

  • SVS OG

    I think the handwritten style fits with the artwork more than the others. Awesome stuff 🙂

  • So much feedback! Thanks all

    @Lee-White Thanks! it really means a lot to me. I guess I really wanted to show too much of the buildings. and the shadow, the dreaded shadow I just cant get ir right.

    @Leontine I will try that, you might be onto something

    @Kevin-Longueil Well, I am fan of the first one too, but I will try to explore handwriting

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