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  • 1 and 10 are my faves. 1 has a real elderly wisdom-dispensing neighbour vibe to him. 10 is just jolly and vibrant; it's all in his face, while the shrug gives him a happy-go-lucky feel. 🙂

  • I love 5.. Very original, kinda creepy. Like you said, explore his world--if not for this project, then for something.

  • I really like 6 and 10, I also love 11 but maybe he's a bit too creepy for the story concept you're going for? I like how round and clumsy 6 and 10 could be if they were chasing a little dog, number 6 also has a sad look about him which tells me more about his character and personality!
    I love number 10's jumper! 😃

  • SVS OG

    @misterlorde The first thing I thought of when reading your comment on number 1 was the Wilson character from the show Home Improvement. That could be fun to play around with. Number 10 does seem very expressive and full of energy. Thanks for the feedback!

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    @hannahmccaffery The goal on this page morphed into a "draw X amount of things" type challenge with snowmen about halfway through and I thought if I found a great design I could change the idea accordingly. I do want to refine most of these and see if I can do 25 to start and maybe little by little turn it into the Design 100 Somethings that Jake (I think) started. I like the humor aspect you mentioned with the clumsiness of 6 and 10. Thanks!

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    @eli Thanks for the encouragement! I just now thought, "If he's trying to shoo away a bird from resting on him what would he do if a dog came along ready to leave his mark?" I can't leave him alone now. I have to go back and explore sometime!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jon-anderson 11 jumps to me. But depending on the story it may not fit. But he is a great character. 9 has a great shape for a simple illustration. I also like 6.

  • SVS OG

    @chip-valecek Thanks Chip! 11 was really fun to draw. I had Scrooge in mind as an old curmudgeon snowman and it went from there.

  • @jon-anderson No problem!

  • @jon-anderson 4 stood out to me … he has attitude, yet he's in the shape of a heart … so he may be mean looking, but I think he's a big softy and full of love really 🙂 I'm curious what he's about to do next though lol

  • First of all congratulations on being a Father! wow so exciting and crazy! I has a couple in there I liked but I think the one that called to me most was the smallest one #12....the child snowman for some reason that concept of a little snowman made by a little kid so I guess it would be a snow kid... I just love that idea I can see a little kid copying their dad in making a snowman and this little mini snowman comes to life and is a snowkid! I'm sure there are all sorts of adventures he/she could get into including being bullied by the neighborhood stray dog. Love your thumbnails all of them are great ideas!

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    @Jon-Anderson I like 4, 5 and 7, the character design of 5 really work well I would like to see that design to be fully render

  • 3 and 11 are my fav — snowgrandpas ftw!! All of them together would work well as a series too, especially if they were to interact

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    Thank you guys for all your feedback! The month is quickly getting away from me and I am running out of time for the contest. It's nearly the antithesis of Slowvember except I've been able to at least think about it from time to time. I was able to do some thumbnails but they all follow the same concept of the snowman searching for the arm and the dog has it elsewhere. Do any of these compositions have potential? After outlining them I'm drawn to #3 but it may just be the simplicity of it. Also, does any of this say "slow" to anyone?

  • @jon-anderson I really like #5. The snowman looking in the doghouse really captures my eye the most.

  • SVS OG

    Number 5 for me too!

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    I hate to add to your work, but I think these would be great as a sequence. the snow man looking for his arm in 1 & 2 and ending with him looking at the dog in 3. This is a really cute idea. I don't see SLOW in it though. I hope you finish it, even if you miss the deadline. That dog is adorable. =)x

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jon-anderson I also like #3 but you are right, I don't see "Slow" in it. Unless maybe you start to have him melt. Like he is melting slowly.

  • @jon-anderson

    Hello 🙂 I like the following with reasons why:

    #5 Reminds me of a Halloween pumpkin so I had to take a second look. And it's funnier now because he could have his snow body somewhere else in the forest and for some reason someone thought it be amusing to separate him from his body ( a bit cruel too -which could be why he's grumpy lols).
    #11 Old Scrooge treatment of a snowman draws my eye because people generally make friendly jolly snowman, I like a redemption character.
    #12 Baby snowman could go side by side with the Scrooge (as you have drawn him right by him). The baby snowman looks terrified. I really just now like how those two characters subtly whether intentional or not interact. If you did that with some of the others that would be very cool.
    #14 Not sure how helpful this reason will be but I really like the full round snowball that makes up that snowman at the bottom (larger than life if you pushed it more). Just in editing mode if the bottom snowball is rolling snowball (legless), that's how he would move.
    #7 ( I know out of order lols ) I like his shape (reminds me of the Grinch -new animated move with Benedict C.) and your snowman's enthusiasm for life.

    Well I hope that helps, let me know if I need to explain more.
    Oh and I like #10 a bit (a plump version of Mary Poppins comes to mind -just saw that advertised yesterday again).

  • SVS OG

    @heather-boyd That is great insight, thanks!
    The snowball on the stump was directly inspired by a jack-o'-lantern and since designing him I've had all sorts of things pop into my head to try and flesh out the backstory similar to what you described. This little guy is begging to be made into a project/product of some kind.
    The idea of a rolling snowball (BB-8 style) instead of scooting or waking on legs never even entered my mind but that's a neat concept! I honestly hadn't even considered the similarity between #7 and the Grinch but I like that. I might tweak the shapes a bit to really push that similarity.
    Your comments were very helpful in helping me understand what traits really stand out to people and which designs tend to fall back.

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