Is a book cover expected for a book dummy?

  • I am nearing the end of a book dummy I have been working on for an interested literary agent, and have yet to design a cover. Is this something that is done later if the book is sold, or does the agent want to see how the cover would look? For some reason it doesn’t make sense for me to include it.

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    @eric-castleman In my experience it's not required. Especially if you are sending to an agent or editor that is expecting the dummy. That said, I never feel comfortable sending out a dummy with a blank cover so I will always put something on the cover. Often it's a reuse of an interior illustration or a piece of spot art. But the actual book cover will be revised many times if the book is picked up for publication so even if you create a special cover image, I wouldn't spend too much time on it.

  • @davidhohn Awesome, thanks!

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