New to SVS! Always looking for feedback - Folktale Week

  • Hey Amanda! I really like this, especially the little ghosts. I agree with previous commenters about there being 2 styles. But that should be easy enough to fix, just softening up the tree stump. I really like the colors of the background and ghost, maybe break up the brown a little bit, so it fits in better? But great job, this is gonna turn out great! 🙂 -N

  • Hi Amandar and welcome to the forums!

    The story concept for your piece is so great and I like how you have interpreted it. If possible I would like to see more of a connection between the spirits and the tree and they don't feel like the same entity. Also, the lighting in your scene is a little confusing especially with your mixture of styles (although the mix isn't a big issue to me if that's what you want your style to be).

    If you balance out your light and shadow a bit better and maybe bump up the sun rays I think it will grow into a great piece.

  • @rcartwright Thanks for the feedback! I'm really glad that the story came through and the image works. 🙂

  • @mikecañas Thanks for the feedback! I agree with your comments on lighting, that's something I need to work on. When I get some time, I'll go into the original and try to add some more contrast and clean up the lighting. 🙂

  • @hannahmccaffery Thanks for your feedback! I was aiming to add emphasis to the stump with the extra detail, although I might have gone a bit overboard.

  • @gary-wilkinson Thanks for the feedback! I definitely need to work on my lighting skills... I'm seeing a lot of comments re: a mix of styles, and I understand that might not always work, I'm also not sure if it's something I want to worry about. I've struggled with "what is my style?", trying all sort of different styles and approaches, but I think this might be my style. That doesn't mean that I shouldn't work to refine it though. 🙂

    1. Magic

    All night the fairies dance, leaving almost no trace when the morning comes. That is, except for a magical circle of small mushrooms. .


  • Hey @amandar nice work! I'm doing folktale week too!

  • SVS OG

    I like you concept here. It’s a nice way to show rebirth. I don’t think i’ve seen the topic handled this way before. Also your piece also falls perfectly to one of the folktale week’s prompt: into the forest.

  • @amandar I flipping love this Amandar.

    The first one has such a friendly, huggable feel to it. I'd like to see what else these lil spirits get up to 🙂

  • Hi Amandar!
    Welcome to the forum, this is a lovely piece!
    I love the bark texture and the trunk's expression. 🙂

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