Have you seen the new ProCreate update??!!!!!

  • Just messing around with the new ProCreate update...oh my, I’m in awe!
    They’ve added crop and resize - finally - but also introduced mask feather, geometric masks, controlled shapes (ellipses, etc..) and the most awesome liquify filter applet - even better than the Photoshop one...
    Now, if they introduced some decent text functions and Apple built a large size iPad...they`d be on their way to replacing Cintiqs and co...

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    They’ve got resize? This resize is for the canvas, right? Woohooo!!! Yeah, I’m also holding out for their text tool. Thank you so much for the update. I would’ve never known.

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    @smceccarelli I was just about to post asking about Procreate!

    Yesterday, I received my iPadPro2 (I've been waiting for this for these past years, especially ever since you, @Will-Terry , were here in Dallas with your iPadPro) I've started messing around with Procreate this morning (Haven't touched Affinity Designer yet). Seems fairly easy to pick up, especially with Google Search by my side; however, it looks like I'll have to work a little differently than I'm used to on Photoshop (which is fine).

    So, the question:

    Any tips, brush/other-support recommendations, reference sites, etc. for Procreate (or iPadPro in general)?

  • @quietyell Google "procreate brushes" and you'll find a ton. Honestly, I still use the original ones and never felt the need for more. As for resources, I only looked at a couple of random YouTube videos. But it's really intuitive, you'll pick it up easily.

  • Procreate is the best! I'm so glad they added the resize tool and the ability to easily create circles 😄 The new brushes for liquify are super cool as well! Every update they come out with brings amazing additions to an already awesome app

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    @smceccarelli Thanks! Yeah from my playing around this morning, the standard brushes look great. It does seem pretty intuitive. Masks and clipping masks will allow me to mimic how I tend to work in Photoshop. There doesn’t seem to be a foreground/background color toggle sort of feature though, which will slow me down in a masking process, but I just created a white and black color palette that I can quickly select from. For me, this iPad is meant to be supplemental to my laptop anyways; primarily for casual sketching & painting initially; though, I’m looking to ultimately do some production at on it as I get a comfortable using it — And the fun begins!!!

  • I was literally sitting in a coffee shop a few weeks ago thinking 'I really wish this program could crop...' And now it can!

    This is one the few programs that just keeps updating. It's awesome.

  • I couldn't get into Procreate (I since learned Clip Studio Paint), but so many people love it and produce gorgeous work. Do you need the special Apple pen to make it worthwhile?

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    Alas, I am stuck in the dark age of Procreate. I have an obsolete iPad mini that I can’t update. I actually had to trick it just to get the version I have 🤪.
    @carriecopa i use a plain Bamboo stylus (no pressure sense) and I’m doing alright with it. I am quite envious when I see people using the large iPads with the new Apple pen. So cool. I tell myself that I will treat myself with those items AFTER I get an paying gig. 😃
    Keep talking about it, I’m taking notes. 😜

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    @smceccarelli Yes! super excited - such an awesome program - i agree about a larger iPad... i was hoping something would happen in that direction with the new pro - still going to get a new one though 🙂

  • @smceccarelli My understanding, the new iPad pro will support Photoshop, custom build for the iPad in 2019. This will be a huge game changer!!!! I like ProCreate, but it won't support Kyle brushes, hence I use Adobe Sketch more often. So many options!! Overall, being a super busy dad, digital art on the go is a WONDERFUL thing regardless of the device or app.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @quietyell i like the brushes from Georg von westphalen, and just got a cute set from Retro Supply Co. https://www.retrosupply.co/collections/procreate-brushes/products/the-mid-century-procreate-brush-pack

  • I wouldn't be where I am today without Procreate. Along with the iPad Pro, it reinvigorated my love for drawing, which caught me by surprise. Each update has been wonderful. And not having a crop function was maddening. But yes, if they just add text.. this could completely remove my reliance on Photoshop. It's not quite there yet but each update has been so promising. And if it's just sketching and getting some quick drawing done, it's my go-to for sure! (I use the standard brushes as well.)

    Looking forward to seeing what Photoshop looks like for the iPad next year. Procreate will be tough to beat though. I hope Adobe took notes.

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    I love this update and like everyone else particularly appreciate the crop and resize. I also finally figured out how to use the clipping masks (more or less) which is new to me never having used Photoshop.

    I am wondering how people actually use the liquify feature. It’s super fun to play with but other than doing an occasional abstract background, when would you use it? Just curious.

  • @demotlj one example of many: to map a pattern on a garment, following the folds etc...

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    @mirkah ooh awesome thanks! I'll certainly check them out!

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    @demotlj I still haven’t figured out the clipping masks even after playing with them for a bit. Did you find any resources that explained it?
    The update is really great especially the quick shapes function

  • @demotlj You can use the liquefy tool to nudge lines in your sketches and fix little errors to avoid redrawing

  • @missmushy said in Have you seen the new ProCreate update??!!!!!:

    @demotlj I still haven’t figured out the clipping masks even after playing with them for a bit. Did you find any resources that explained it?
    The update is really great especially the quick shapes function


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