SVS Online Portfolio upgrade?

  • @buddy-skelton what if someone wants to share a story? more than 20 images in a single style + misc. image in different styles? May be allow for uploading projects like Behance? where you can upload a single image or more to the same "folder"?

  • @heidigfx possibly collage multiple images into one image to "increase" your total number, kinda like comic book style. Or possibly if allowed through the system link to a personal website, image hosting site or other social media to see more works.

  • @buddy-skelton it's going to be kinda small but it's an option

  • For me, there would have to be a very real advantage to putting my work here over any other sites. That would come in the form of having confidence that art directors are looking here for new talent. For me that would be absolutely key, otherwise it ends up being just another portfolio site in a sea of others. I'd need to be convinced that the right people are seriously looking here and that this is a better way for me to gain exposure and/or feedback from them.

  • I think it's really good idea, it will be also so easy to look at all that amazing art I see people are making here.

  • @will-terry I think that’s a great idea, and I would definitely use it as long as the uploading process isn’t too cumbersome. SCBWI members have the option to upload to a gallery and the only reason I never update my gallery there is because the upload process is clunky and takes forever and I have to downsize all of my images in photoshop first.

  • Sounds amazing!

    I would totally use it, be really nice to see everyone else's work in one place too.

  • SVS OG

    As stated by others, I really appreciate the three of you even brainstorming this idea. As an SVSLearn and forum user, this just goes to show I’m in the right place. Also, the potential to show work to those in decision making positions helps us feel like we’re not screaming into the void hoping for a response to what’s ultimately a whisper.
    With that said, here are my critical thoughts about the concept and thank you again for all you do:

    1. Recommendation: If the gallery is based solely off of upvotes there should be a Founders Pick or a selection for an illustration that may not have received the votes to make the top “(whatever number)” bit is still worthy of recognition.
    2. Algorithm thoughts: Developers should build in a limit to one piece per user for that general SVS community top pieces. May help broaden the spectrum of styles and pieces/subject matter.
    3. Tags: Preset tags for different types of work produced I.e. concept art, children’s book illustration, sequential art
    4. User Portfolios: Limit the scope of the portfolio to a certain number to avoid the gallery rabbit hole built into other sites with unlimited offerings. Users must choose what to present. Say there are 12 images they’ve uploaded and the portfolio is limited to 10. Well then the user (maybe via community feedback/critique) must choose which pieces to show.
    5. Overall Purpose: would this feature be only for those taking courses on SVSLearn or to any user in the forum? Is the thought to show a representation of the SVSLearn users and the efffectiveness of the courses and program as a whole? Or is it to showcase the work of the community surrounding SVSLearn, the 3 Point podcast and other artists creators who’ve joined the forums?

  • I think this feature would definitely be a good addition.

  • Well if it's some way for me to have a portfolio then I'm all in, never had one.
    Sounds like a great idea that you might be able to get members work into people who are looking to hire.

    I have only been here a few weeks but some.ofnthe work is phenomenal.

  • that is a pretty neat idea! You guys are true heroes of the art community

  • Hi Will! I would gladly take the opportunity! I have done similar things in the past and what I thought, is that really, no art directors or clients didn't seem to go there much , at least less than I expected.
    Hope the algorithms would be better than the frustrating IG ones!

  • SVS OG

    Yes please! Would it be like a “feed” but then we have a specific page to click that would hold all of our images? Sounds great!

  • Sounds awesome!

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