SVS Online Portfolio upgrade?

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    Great idea!

  • This sounds like a great idea, and would be more than a little useful. šŸ˜€ Iā€™d love to see this implemented.

  • I would love the opportunity. I really do like the idea of the upvotes getting more of a feature in the hopes that the more "ready" to see art might be seen. I have a slight concern, too, about style preferences causing good work to be overlooked and therefore not featured. Would there be the "staff picks" that would be featured or occasional artists highlighted, perhaps? All that said, I would very much be a person interested in using the portfolio site and am so jazzed that the option might be there in the future. You guys are awesome. Count me in!!!

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    I think it's an awesome idea! I would definitely use the service.

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    I believe this would be a great idea. Being a beginner illustrator, I need all the promotion I can get. Aside from doing it myself, it's really great to have a site as established as SVS is to help me with that. SVS already has a decent following and with its various connections. I have a strong feeling that this will be more than effective. This would definitely be more reason for me subscribe full time.

  • I think this is a great idea. I would absolutely use this.

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    "It would enable us to share the portfolios with art directors at various publishing houses."
    The best thing about this feature would be getting our work seen by the right people.

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    "In addition there would be an "upvote" option on each image. Anyone logged in could see and up-vote your image(s). We could also hire software developers to create algorithms that would auto select images with the most upvotes to populate a gallery on the front of the page."
    The worst thing about this is that it will turn a great forum into Facebook and Instagram. Instead of helping aspiring artists, those who are already known and their posts receive high interaction will get seen the most, while other good work gets buried.

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    This is a great thought ...but it also sounds very much like DeviantArt, ArtStation, IllustrationFriday and a million other portfolio aggregation platforms. Maybe it would be a good place to start building a portfolio presence for people who are just starting to show their art - the wild world can be a little intimidating, and this is definitely a much closer-knit and supportive community. The big question is how you would drive and direct traffic and wether getting ADs to look at it really is the goal - or rather give students the opportunity to build and nurture a curated portfolio. The latter seems a pragmatic and worthwhile goal all by itself.

  • This is great! I would definitely use it if it has chances of being shown to art directors and editors.
    Since I am not living in the USA and the illustrator can't make a living from doing children's book in my country, every chance to get more exposure is great.

    My only question is, will the portfolio show us as a student or as a professional? because I am wondering if the AD or editors will see us more like a student and not ready for professional work no matter how our portfolios look rather than someone to hire.

  • I just think this idea is inspired!
    I look forward to that future email.

  • I think this is a grand idea and will help many people.

    My only concern is that it will just turn in to a lot of people just posting their everyday stuff in it and not curating their best work to display for the "long haul." I would suggest maybe capping either the total number of images allowed per user to maybe 10-20, or maybe put a limit on how often it can be updated, or some sort of limiter to prevent abuse and spamming of the system.

    Whatever results from this though I feel will be great.

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    @buddy-skelton i totally agree

  • @will-terry "images with the most upvotes to populate a gallery on the front of the svslearn page" sounds especially helpful, it's so hard for new people to break through the clutter. A leg up from places like this could be great.

  • @jon-anderson

    You bring up some great questions as do many who have already commented. This is what we needed so thank you - we have to have a good plan that we think will make the largest percentage happy -otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.

  • this sounds amazing and its something I would love! ā¤

  • @buddy-skelton what if someone wants to share a story? more than 20 images in a single style + misc. image in different styles? May be allow for uploading projects like Behance? where you can upload a single image or more to the same "folder"?

  • @heidigfx possibly collage multiple images into one image to "increase" your total number, kinda like comic book style. Or possibly if allowed through the system link to a personal website, image hosting site or other social media to see more works.

  • @buddy-skelton it's going to be kinda small but it's an option

  • For me, there would have to be a very real advantage to putting my work here over any other sites. That would come in the form of having confidence that art directors are looking here for new talent. For me that would be absolutely key, otherwise it ends up being just another portfolio site in a sea of others. I'd need to be convinced that the right people are seriously looking here and that this is a better way for me to gain exposure and/or feedback from them.

  • I think it's really good idea, it will be also so easy to look at all that amazing art I see people are making here.

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