Misunderstood monster WIP

  • Played around with a few different ideas, and keep coming back to this one, so I think I will take it forward. Nothing super original, but playing with the idea that sometimes the monster hiding in your room isn't so scary. I think the monster might need some work especially on it's face design, but I want to try and keep the tentacles so they can hold many different props

    0_1540198916748_misunder monster.jpg

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    @gary-wilkinson A thought while you're still in the early stages: Make the child old enough to be able to realize what a monster is? Good perspective, and all those eyes are really creepy! 😮

  • Really like the look of this Gary, especially the design of the monster! I like worried look on his face, which will be exaggerated with all the extra eyes!
    Strong composition too, look forward to seeing the next stage!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @gary-wilkinson I am doing a similar idea, I have the misunderstood monster under the bed.

  • @lauraa I was thinking to make the child a little older, but I think it wouldn't have the same effect and the concept would have to change. I was thinking the "misunderstood" part is more aimed at the viewer than the baby.

    @hannahmccaffery thank you hannah. I'm a little worried that the worried expression may not translate well with the light added in, but hopefully I can try make it work.

    @Chip-Valecek great minds think alike 😃 I was originally going to have the monster under the bed tucking in a kid or maybe reading him a story, but I couldn't seem to get it to read well

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    @gary-wilkinson At first I didn't see that the tentacles were holding baby toys and I thought the baby was crying at the monster. But now I see read it more as the monster is trying to calm the baby, who was already crying, down. So it's more the parents (if they walked in) who would misunderstand the monster, not the baby. That works!

    And of course, just wait until that baby grows up enough to meet his/her very own room monster!

  • I like so far! Nicely composed.

    Looking forward to seeing it in colour 🙂

  • Note much of an update but sketched in the design and about to try out some lighting schemes

    0_1540273581168_Misunderstood Monster 2 Sketch.jpg

  • I don't think there is much flexibility with the values of the piece, which is probably a good thing. I have tried out a few color studies as well. Any thoughts on ones that jump out at you?

    0_1540277233645_value study.jpg

    0_1540277248812_color studies.jpg

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @gary-wilkinson I like the first one, it shows the most detail.

  • SVS OG

    @gary-wilkinson i agree. The colors and lighting on the first one really give off a safe and home-y feel

  • SVS OG

    I also vote for the first one. It is the easiest to read. In fact, it clarified the focal point for me because I had been trying to figure out whether the round objects on the right side of the picture and the bottom of the picture were also monsters but I see now that they are supposed to be toys? I think those objects compete with the rest of the painting -- they are round like the monster and large. The monster and crib are really nice and your lighting is great, and those objects don't feel necessary to make the painting for me.

  • Thank you for all of your votes for the color choices. I really liked the blue and purple one, but it doesn't fit this scene and I think you are all right with the choice of 1.

    @demotlj I see what you mean about the objects, but I feel the painting needs something in the foreground to help frame it. I've changed the design of the rattle to give a bit of variation and to perhaps help show a bit of movement.

    Still a lot of work left to do, but gradually working through it. Here it is at the moment:

    0_1540370839902_Misunderstood Monster 8 Color Fullsm.jpg

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