Conferences and Workshops in 2019

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    The idea of this topic is to create a thread for SVS-lers to exchange info about conferences and workshops they plan to attend in 2019 - and maybe arrange to meet in person! It makes a world of a difference to have a friendly person to meet in a gathering of strangers - even somebody you`ve never met in person. And this community is so awesome I would gladly chat over a coffee or drinks with any of you.
    So, it looks like in 2019 I will be attending:

    • SCBWI NY Conference (February 8-10)
    • Bologna Children Book Fair (April 1-4)
    • Europolitan SCBWI Conference in Zuerich (May 3-6)

    Anyone else going?

  • @smceccarelli Ow, how nice! I think Ill be going to Bologna, lets keep in touch for meeting up for coffee!

  • Oh man. Would love to check out the Bologna Book Fair. Do you think it's worth going if you're not a published author/illustrator yet? Curious if anyone has gone before and what their experience was.

    I was also looking into Bookcon in NY in June 2019. Anybody going or have gone in the past?

    @smceccarelli Really enjoyed your interview with Will Terry btw.

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    @branden-brushett Thank you Branden! I went to the Bologna Book Fair last year for 1.5 days. In one day I showed my portfolio to 7 art directors, had a nice chat with a co-agent of my agent and met with an illustrator I work with (in my art director persona). The last day is only half a day and all publishers dismantle their booth and give away the books for sometimes 2 USD a piece, sometimes half price.
    For me it was totally worth it, and I decided to go for the whole week this year (and bring an extra suitcase!), though I’m not sure I would go if I lived in the US.. . There’s no workshops worth attending: it´s basically what you make of it - you need to walk up to the booth and talk with the people or line up when ADs give an hour or two of their time to review portfolios.
    As for jobs: I got three educational books from an Italian publisher out-of-the-blue a few weeks after the Fair. I don’t promote myself in Italy, and they specifically referred to a piece I showcased at the Fair, so I assume they saw it on the board or through the expo submission (I didn’t get in, but I was shortlisted) and came to me that way....

  • @smceccarelli That's what I was worried about. Coming from the US, it's a bit different right? Would you say European and US book industries are separate? Still learning.

    I'm considering making a vacation out of it. Even though Switzerland is where my wife and I want to go the most, the book fair is an excuse to just finally pull the trigger and fly to Europe.

    I was already thinking about just doing 2 days (I can barely even last a day at some game conventions I've gone to and that's the industry I am currently in) but publishers giving away books for only $2?! That's awesome.. and dangerous for me. I have no will power and will buy them all. haha, might go just for that. Thanks for your reply!

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    @branden-brushett The Bologna Book Fair is a global fair - so all publishers are there, from the US as well as from all other countries of the world - though I would say that Italians are over-represented and European houses have a stronger presence than US ones. As for the book industries in different countries: they are completely, utterly and totally different in any possible way - content, style, contracts and processes....
    The US and UK industries are possibly the most lively ones in terms of actual volume of business (with all that comes with it, including better contracts for creators), but also - maybe for the same reasons - the least adventurous.

  • Oh!! What a nice idea!! I would love to go to the N-Y SCBWI (although just thinking of it gives me a panick attack) I remember reading one of your post on how to prepare for a SCBWI conference... I would love to find that again!

    For sure I will think about it. I agree that knowing someone there would be great!

    Thanks for starting this thread 🙂

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    I JUST joined SCBWI! I'm not going to make the NY conference, but I'm putting the summer one on my calendar! Its starting to get real, now. I'm excited and terrified. 😃😳

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