Ailantan work in progress tread

  • I added some changes to composition and started coloring this piece. I'm wondering if you look at it colors seems nice? Is it colored correctly? Are there some things that seems to be lacking?
    0_1544640832847_Pokoj 11 Final small2.png

  • @ailantan I really like the concept of this piece, and it's cool to see you finish it. Thanks for sharing your process! I'd suggest thinking about where you want the viewer's eye to go first in your piece, and what you want them to look at next. Areas of contrast or warm colors will usually draw the eye to a certain spot. Right now, my eye keeps going back to the pink pig and green block, even more-so than the toy that's being fixed. It helps me check where my eye tends to focus by making the image really small. Hope this is helpful! Best wishes!

  • @kathrynadebayo Thank you i will try to tone it down 😃 Pink pig you mean the ball with handless beside window, right?

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