Ailantan work in progress tread

  • For #1 one . I not that great with drawing, but i try. Digital i hard to get used to 😃 0_1540315310769_Pokoj2.png

  • I like the first two concepts best. The second one might let you get a better view of the monster, but if you go with the first one it would be cool if you made the little kid peeking out of its covers at this shadow-thing fixing the toys.

  • @twiggyt Thanks! 😃 I think that nice idea with peeking behind covers, i will try it 😃

  • During Misunderstood monster i figured i dont know how to design rooms. I didn't really hit mark with them. I will post sketches, prompts and drawings here. Hope everyone slowtober coming up slowly :DDDD0_1541702338051_Tiny Terror 2.png Tiny terror at hunt for cookies.

    My firend posted a picture with twoo big parsnip and i couldn't pass an opportunity 😃

  • 0_1541711177653_Tiny Terror 4.png

  • 0_1542184512718_kotek.png 0_1542184519206_snek 001small.png 0_1542184536919_Tiny_Terror_4_lineart.png

    Im working on, i want to improve my lineart drawing skills.

  • 0_1542317403686_Tiny Terror 6 details small.png

  • This room is from thumbnail i was drawing for misunderstood monster themed month, but haven't finished then. Im wondering if values and composition is alright in here. If anyone want to comment, please feel free to do so 😃

    0_1543168073431_Pokoj 6.png

  • Hi again! I took me some time to draw this piece, but its one of my fav pieces i worked on in a while. This kid is super strong girl named Abby , she is crushing a toy of her superhero enemy. When i forst drawn it, it was pointed to me i messed up on length of her left arm, so did change that and hope it looks alright 😃

    0_1544208619938_Illustration Finalsmall.png

    I also got feedback on my previous black and white picture, there are tangens on left side where ball is and toy snake, and there seems to be a little disbalance of thing where most of foreground clutter is on left. So i will be ajusting that, and then working on coloring it.

  • I added some changes to composition and started coloring this piece. I'm wondering if you look at it colors seems nice? Is it colored correctly? Are there some things that seems to be lacking?
    0_1544640832847_Pokoj 11 Final small2.png

  • @ailantan I really like the concept of this piece, and it's cool to see you finish it. Thanks for sharing your process! I'd suggest thinking about where you want the viewer's eye to go first in your piece, and what you want them to look at next. Areas of contrast or warm colors will usually draw the eye to a certain spot. Right now, my eye keeps going back to the pink pig and green block, even more-so than the toy that's being fixed. It helps me check where my eye tends to focus by making the image really small. Hope this is helpful! Best wishes!

  • @kathrynadebayo Thank you i will try to tone it down 😃 Pink pig you mean the ball with handless beside window, right?

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