Can I share artwork for a book dummy on social media?

  • I have a book dummy that I am finishing up, and an agent is waiting for the submission from me who is also friends with me on facebook. Is it unwise to share an image from the book dummy? I want to see how it is received before sending it, and also, due to the amount of work I have put into this project I have had very little work to share recently, so I was hoping to use a single image from this.

    Any thoughts?

  • Ask your agent if they are comfortable with you posting some works in progress shots. Sometimes they don't mind but other times they have a specific schedule built out for when they are going to show/release certain things or there are certain things they aren't comfortable with you sharing and you wouldn't want to throw a wrench in their plans. If all you are looking for is a reaction, you could set up a small closed group of people you trust and share it with them, that way you get some feedback but haven't released anything that could compromise the project.

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