Study SVS the correct way

  • Well, I suggested to a friend of mine, who wants to be an illustrator and a story teller, to take a look at SVS. He is basically a beginner but he understands forms very well.

    So, he asked me that question yesterday "What is the best way to study at that school SVS? How do I practice? How I watch the videos. Should I draw along with the video?" and honestly guys I didn't know what to say to him.

    I really wanna hear guys what do you think. What is the best approach?

  • For svs they have levels for the videos (1-4) under curriculum from basic to advanced. I recommend watching once and then watching again and doing the practice then but that is just me. I like to take course and then I do a larger painting or drawing and try to see what areas I get hung up on and then refocus my studies. People say you need to draw everyday which I agree with but I also believe it needs to have focus rather than just opening up a blank page and trying to create a master piece.

  • @christina-kal I think it all depends on the person. I, for instance, draw along with Jake and hit the pauze button when he goes too fast. I started out with the fundamentals (How to draw everything. How to ink. The light and shadows class and then the perspective class.) I came to realization that in what I want to learn at this moment, is perspective so now I am taking the more advanced perspective class.

    As I said, I think it all depends on the student but I would suggest the How to draw everything class and then the light and shadows as first class and then see what you need from there.

  • @sas I dunno about the 'best' approach. My approach is to watch the instructional parts of the video at least once, and then have it repeat 8-10 times while I work on stuff. I tend to absorb little bits here and there while I'm busy doing other things.

    Unless it's the critique videos. I put critique videos on in the background with some music and just listen while working.

    As for WHICH videos to watch they've already got it pretty well broken down into levels.

    Tell your friend good luck for me 🙂

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