Episode 14: Comic Cons & Art Fairs

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    @lisa-ngan I like the Epson Cold Press Bright Paper. It has a lovely finish and works well for fine art prints.


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    This was a very timely episode as I am doing my first art/craft fair this fall. My biggest question is about printing. In the podcast you mentioned that it is can be really cheap to get prints made, and also that it is important to produce a quality product. When I am researching all I can find are fine art/giclee printers that are very pricey, or companies that primarily advertise printing things like flyers and brochures. What are some good strategies to find a decent print house for an illustrator since I am not ready to buy a printer?

  • Awesome question, @juliepeelart ! Thats something I've been thinking about as well. Will mentioned having a place close by where he lives that he uses, I think.

  • @juliepeelart When I was trying to find a local printer I phoned around and asked for some print samples/product samples. Some places as well as poster/flyers and such were also quite happy to rattle off art prints. I was able to get some cheap printed samples to compare as well as see how good their customer service was (I had one store seem angry to get the work and one forget the order twice.)

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    @sarahluann Thanks for the comment! I will go back and listen for what Will said, I live in Colorado, but maybe they deliver?

    @Art-of-B That is a good idea, lots of trial and error, but I may find a perfect fit! Right now I am also looking in to printers that photographers use, sometimes they have watercolor paper to print on.

  • Thanks for this episode! I've really been enjoying this podcast. I had a few questions about selling prints at shows.

    Do you mount the prints with a mat and backing board or just put the unmatted print in a sleeve?

    Also, are all your prints limited editions? And if so, how many editions do you do?

  • I think this is going to be really helpful. Thank you for that!
    Question: for booth layout. What size do you think the booth should be if I want to do art at the table? I know I personally like to see other artists working. Is it even a good idea?

  • Guys this episode was amazing! Honestly as a new guy starting out in all this illustration stuff I feel like this is great stuff to know right from the start. It has given me the idea to work on some fun creative fan art while also developing my own stuff. I'm in Slovakia and there aren't so many comic cons in driving distance haha, but there are quite a few european ones in flying distance 🙂 Anyway, we'll see how it goes in the future and maybe by next year I'll have the skill and stock to do something!

    On another note, I overheard in the podcast you guys would put links or descriptions about what personal printers and papers and things you use for making your own prints? I know for bulk it's nice to go somewhere. I'm not really doing bulk at the moment, and I can't find any place near me that doesn't do those cheap prints that will fade within a year. So I was hoping to get thoughts on printers and paper and supplies for home.

    Thanks again!

  • Just listened to this episode, and thought it was great! Wish I would've had access to an open forum about tabling when I started doing it a few years ago. I did find Will's videos very helpful at that time though. 🙂

    We are still waiting on your gear lists though, guys! 😉

    It just says "information forthcoming" in the notes below the podcast. I've been needing some new ideas on some setup stuff and would love to know what you guys use.

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    Would anyone like to share a picture their booths? I would be great to see how everyone sets up their tables!

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