Misunderstood Monster WIP

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    @gary-wilkinson Thanks! You’re sharing you honest opinion and I appreciate that. I really feel lost on what to do with the piece. I felt there was really something not working and you straight up pointed them out. Again, thanks. It’s really nice to have a second pair of eyes on your piece. I guess I really am focusing more on the details rather than on the fundamentals. I was too excited to get started that i dove in and just winged it, hoping to figure things out as I go along.

    I’m really scared to scrap it the entire piece though and start from scratch. Plus, i guess I’m too emotionally attached to it now. LOL... Would you say the piece is still salvagable?

    Oh, as for the story, i guess it’s just pretty simple. The Witch wants to be friends with the mice and give the mice treats but the mice completely misunderstands her, thinking she’s trying to lure and eat them so they runaway.

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    In order to make the house less attention grabbing i added a low opacity layer over it. What do you guys think?

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  • You would need to decided by yourself if an image should be restarted or scrapped. I have been in that situation many times and a lot of the times I kept working on a piece that I wasn't pleased with and wasn't happy with the final piece even though I had spent a lot more time on it than pieces that I did like. In the mushroom contest I had spent a lot of time on the original concept even though there was a feeling that something was wrong, so I just decided to scrap it and reworked it in a way that I felt was much better and I was able to paint in a more streamlined way.

    My criticisms about your own painting are only my views, and others may see the work in a completely different light, but if you yourself feel as though you are stuck when you get into the detailing stage then it's usually a time to take a step by and ask if it's work the risk of time to continue or to restart and try to improve it.

    In regards to the newest update of this painting I don't think that lowering the opacity of the house helps either way as it still remains the most detailed and well rendered part of the piece.

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    @gary-wilkinson i agree. I guess it all depends on me if i should scrap this piece or not. I really enjoyed working on it but i always felt something was wrong but not to the point that i hate it though. That’s why i’ve decided to not use this for the month’s contest. It just doesn’t work for the Misunderstoon Monster prompt but I won’t scrap it as well. I like it. I like the color choices i made and it’s a great bench mark for my current skill level. I’ll work on it some more so that i can post it on scoial media. I really don’t want let it go to waste. Thanks for your input, Gary! I believe they help me become a better artist.

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