My first digital illustration. Critiques invited!

  • Ok just reread your first post. This is your first illustration with a background? I'm even more impressed. 🙀

  • @miriam Thank you for looking and for feedback. This is my first time putting anything "out there" to have anyone say stuff about it. I looked at this piece as I worked on it for many many hours and I never saw the window thing. And there it is!! I agree with your observation about the floor too. It always bugged me but I did not know why. Thank you for the kind word too!

  • @tessaw Yes. Thank you for your feedback and your compliments. You are very encouraging. I can't say my traditional stuff is super strong yet, but I am working. I really put time and effort into illustration and children's book stuff about 20 years ago. But then life happened and I lost my way. Now I am back and really trying again. The whole digital thing really took off while I was "away" and I feel like I am trying to catch up. I have been doing digital painting since around July when I got an ipad for my 43rd birthday. I am telling myself that there is not a limit on when you BEGIN but just get in there and do it. ( The pod cast and SVS has been so encouraging in that way) Digital sure takes a heck of a lot longer!!! For me anyway. And right now until I am more comfortable, I guess.

    Thank you for your critiques. They are helpful. I think I will take everyone's advice and work it up a little more and come back with a refined image.

  • @tessaw Thanks. I have about 5 spots done digitally and then this piece. I am working on a little joke book. So my other illustrations are little and not any real backgrounds except one that's in process. Backgrounds sure do up the difficulty factor! Everyone is so encouraging! I wish I could skip the day job today and do illustration! I have been following the forum for several months now and have seen yours and others stuff. I am equally impressed and happy that I can participate in a community of fellow artists. I look forward to participating more.

  • Lovely picture, I like the mood and composition. Keep going with the digital painting it is a really awesome tool in your belt 🙂

  • @christine-garner Thank you.

  • @jennyjones Perspective IS really painful! If you're doing it all digitally, one thing that can help is setting up a perspective grid to use as a guide. I like to do my sketching first to get the basic layout and composition, then lay down a grid and tweak things around a bit to fix the perspective.

  • @robgale I use Procreate and I know there is an assist option. I just couldn't find it. I need to make use of the tools for sure. Next time...

  • 0_1538700981364_Cats_In_Fall.jpg

    Ok so I took all the advice and added a few things from my own critiques and reworked the illustration. I like it SO much better. Took a while. You will never know how many re-draws of the mom cat and middle cat were done! Whew!!

  • So cute! It reminds me of a little golden book we had about The Three Little Kittens 🙂 I don't do digital yet so I can't say anymore 🙂

  • Beautiful! I love it. 🙂 The littlest kitty's feet are a nice touch.

  • @jennyjones WOW this looks fantastic!!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Thank you. I loved that book when I was little. I will have to go back and look to see if I was unconsciously influenced. One of my current loves are the illustrations of Anita Jeram. She makes the sweetest little animals!

  • @tessaw Thanks! I am learning a lot reworking things. I went back to a couple of spots I did a few weeks ago and touched them up too. I know Jake's words "finished, not perfect" and that I have to let them go and move forward. But these were not finished for too long...

  • @eli Thank you. You guys are so encouraging. I am feeling empowered to keep it up.

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