Your favorite children's book covers

  • It's amazing how often a cover is the reason why I pick up a children's book. It sends so many messages about the contents of the book - its message, energy, style...

    I'm very interested to hear from others here - what are some of your favorite children's book covers and why? If you can post an image that would be great. 🙂

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    More recently, I really fell in love with the cover of Islandborn:,204,203,200.jpg

    Something about the big face of the main character is just very eye catching!

    And then also, there's this one I can't quite remember the title for... It's recent too, and there's a dragon on the cover, very bright on a white background, it's very clean and stands out a lot, just a great design!

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    They used to have RIF at my school once a year and it was always a very cool event. I was maybe 8 years old and was mesmerized by this book cover. I ended up loving the book as much as the cover. I still remember the moment I saw it and the feeling it gave me. And the book absolutely changed my worldview.

  • LOL that's not a RECENT book cover...but it was the first one I thought of when I read your post. A cool cover can definitely suck you in!!

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