Problems with videos

  • I´m so sorry to be the first to say this, but is anybody experiencing problems watching the videos? Some of them freeze after few minutes and as much as I try it´s impossible to watch´em again.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket..

  • Yes, a little. I've found the "play all" doesn't actually like to play all and will stop near the end or after the first video. Have to reload the page and select the next one.

  • I think the problem lies in the quality of the video and the internet connection of the watcher. I heard something about non-HD videos coming but the I.T. guy is on vacation this week...

  • Same problem as you Amanda. Freezing screen after 5 minutes of every video and just sound till the end. In my case I´ve optical fiber so I don´t think speed is the problem. Nevertheless, thanks William.

  • I'm getting this problem too. I tried watching videos individually and also as "play all" but either way, the video freezes after 5 minutes even though the sounds is coming through crystal clear.

  • Same here guys, i've had problems with some of them stopping.

  • Once the I.T. guy comes back we will start working on this. In the mean time, if are unable to watch any classes let me know at I can unlock the download option for you.

  • New subscriber here. Having the same problems with video only playing for about 5 mins or just getting the spinning wheel and nothing happening. I am also on optical fiber so it's certainly not a connection speed problem.

  • You should try out a different web browsers to check if the problem persist.

  • What browsers are people using?

  • Oh thanks! 🙂

  • Once the I.T. guy comes back we will start working on this. In the mean time, if are unable to watch any classes let me know at I can unlock the download option for you.

  • New subscriber here and I'm having the same problem, too. I'm on fibre also, so internet speed isn't a problem for me! Any news on when the IT chap will be returning? I'll email you now Aaron so I can download the class I'm viewing if that's cool.

  • Let me update some info here. Our developer is back and working on streaming. In the meantime I am still unlocking downloads. If you are unable to view classes send me an email here and let me know which ones you want.

  • Thanks for the update Aaron, I got a very swift response to my email this morning and am downloading my chosen class now. Hope the streaming gets fixed without too much trouble for you guys!

  • Our developer has updated the site. If you wanted to help us get to the bottom of this you could try watching a class. If it works it works, if it doesn't than let me know and I will pass the info along to our developer.

  • @Aaron Hello, I'm watching the Perspective series and the same thing is happening to me. Everything was fine until 3 point perspective then 15 min into the video the frame froze but the audio kept going. With the next video it only took 3 min. into the video.

    I have a mac os with a firefox browser. 39.0.3

  • @Jei-Esterline Have you tried watching in safari. Some customers have been having success with that.

  • @Aaron Thank you, I think that worked. Amazing, usually Safari is the culprit.

  • Safari isn't an option for me - using win7 pro/64 and Firefox 40.0.

    I have found sometimes that logging out of svslearn, closing browser (clears cache? which doesn't seem to be full), reopening FF, relogging into svslearn, and trying video again might get past the stuck video point.

    If I don't do that, it definitely never gets past stuck point on the video.

    I also noticed that when I disabled my ipv6 protocol (using just ipv4) - that perhaps the site is more responsive (ie got further along in videos before freezing)?

    Hard to tell, of course, as video freezing seems to happen intermittently. But it is almost guaranteed to happen, if I try to watch the videos for any length of time.

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