Harry Potter - WIP

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    @CaroStoltz Thank you for the feedback! I'm deliberately trying to do a more abstract/conceptual kind of perspective here, but even so you got me thinking that Flitwick isn't as important as the trio here so indeed he should be at least a bit smaller. Thanks!

    @nyrrylcadiz Wow thanks so much!! This is incredibly encouraging to hear 😃 I imagine for publishers it would be quite a logistical nightmare with copyrights and such.. I'm not even sure it's possible, but man would it be a dream come true!

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    @nessillustration yeah... hahahaha! I can only imagine. But just think about if it gets picked up by the right publishers, the copyright issues ironed out (i don’t know how but i’m sure they have their ways) and published and all that, it’ll definitely be a success.

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    @nyrrylcadiz You're making me drool over here! o

  • After seeing the new image, it looks like Petunia's design helps in establishing a more varied character design style. . . so Ron's design might not be an issue after all. I'd just keep an eye out for making sure you are keeping up some of that variety as you design more characters.

    Your colored spread is amazing, btw. Beautiful colors and rendering!

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    @nessillustration These are so great! For me the only thing that I am seeing is that your uncle Vernon design has a lot of similarities to Richard Griffiths’ facial features - I feel like all of the other characters are from your imaginings of what the characters might look like - really nice work and fearless of you to tackle it!!

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    @tessaw I changed a few little things in the new image - rounded Ron's chin just a little bit, and added a bridge to Hermione's nose, and I think it does help! I also went back and added a nose on Dudley. After your comments I am definitely more aware of these things and I'm keeping an eye out now, so thanks so much!!

    @Kevin-Longueil I had never realized that, you're quite right :o He did end up too close to the actor...

  • @nessillustration Just chiming in on the comment from @CaroStoltz . What if you make the kids in the background in one flat plane instead of scattering their tables in perspective? That would flatten your design I think and you can leave the foreground characters (including Flitwick) in one plane.

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    @nasvikdraws That's an interesting idea I hadn't thought of! Before you commented, I went for making Flitwick just a bit smaller. I'd like to see what you guys think of it now, before I consider other options...
    I also redrew Flitwick's face and made my color test! Thoughts?


  • @nessillustration Color choices & treatment are really nice- it still feels like the placement of the table is off (to me). It's not on the same plane as the back tables, it reads like it's up on a platform or something. But, that's pretty nit-picky! It's a very nice piece.

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    @CaroStoltz I see what you mean, but in this instance, oddly, I kind of like that! I come from traditional animation and mobile games, I had very technical and strict perspective classes - multiple - where I learned to draw realistic environments, and while that was irreplaceable knowledge it made my backgrounds a little stiff to my taste, because what I admire is the children's book style where things are a little wacky, and I'm only just starting to be able to break the rules and prioritize design over perspective. I like that the trio is made more prominent by the placement of the table even if my brain is still trying to tell me that's not right!

  • Just chiming in here, but I personally think the perspective works. It suits the playfulness of your style. It does look like they are on a platform, but I think that's ok. It definitely adds interest to the composition and it helps that it's a magical school set in a castle, and my mind jumps to the conclusion that there might be different levels in the same room.

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    ....or floating tables 🙂

  • @nasvikdraws Lol, True true.

  • Very nice!

    Sorry I'm chiming in late. This isn't a problem that NEEDS fixing it's more of a personal preference thing.

    To me Professor Flitwick looks very tall. Minus the hat and beard he seems about 5 heads high or so. To make him look tiny I might redesign him so that his proportions are closer to 3-4 heads in height.

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    @art-of-b That's a good point... I'm well into coloring now, but I'll give some thought to if I should change that or not. Thanks!

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    Pheeeew, I finished rendering!
    I really want to thank everyone that gave me feedback and helped me with this piece! If you see anything else that could be improved I'd love to know 🙂 For now it looks like this:


  • @nessillustration I love this! My oldest child has read all the Harry Potter books and his little brother wants me to start reading them to him and this would be a great option. I'd hope that a publisher would pick this up 🙂

    The only thing I noticed that may need to be adjusted is that if you are designing for a book layout then the two characters at the table in the center are going to end up in the gutter of the book and they may end up too close to one another in a finished book.

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    @jennywilburn Thank you so much, Jenny! This would definitely be my dream project, although with all the copyrights and such it's a tremendously long shot haha...
    I actually designed this page so the gutter end up exactly in the middle of the 2 students in the back (sketch in post 1 has the gutter in) but I don't know exactly how much space a gutter ends up eating up. You think this isn't enough?

  • Beautiful! It's great to have you around here. Your work is so strong.

    As for the gutter issue, it depends on the book. If it's a board book, it probably wouldn't be a problem at all. For some books it might look like they are pretty close together.

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    @tessaw That's so nice of you to say, Tessa! I'm actually the one that feels like all of YOU around here have such strong work ❤ The discussions and feedback are very high level which is really nice and more interesting than most other forums out there!

    It's really something to think about the gutter! Thank you two for bringing this up, I will keep it in mind when I finally work on my first book!

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