Simona interviewed by Will Terry on his youtube channel !

  • Wow, what a great interview! I'm glad to know how to pronounce her name properly now. The interview was both motivational and humbling at the same time. Really makes me want to manage my time better to get more work done.

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    Thank you @smceccarelli for doing this interview with Will! You two touched on several subjects that I really needed to hear right now. I’m going to go listen to it again while I hang up my art on the wall next to my favorite artists.😃
    Thankyou @Will-Terry for doing interviews like this. I have learned so much from your YouTube videos. 🤩

  • I knew it was only matter of time until some of our awesome forum friends appeared on Will's youtube channel. I'm loving this interview so far... and am looking forward to seeing more of you all interviewed as well, whether by Will or some other youtuber/podcaster. 🙂

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    Really enjoyed the interview and putting a face to the forum name 😃.
    For many of us who have never had the privilege of studying any creative things in a formal school setting, it was good to hear the real deal of what workload and expectations s/b etc.
    Well done @Will-Terry and @smceccarelli !

  • Thanks for linking to this @Kevin-Longueil I didn't notice it on the channel and of course thanks to Will and Simona for making it 😃

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    I really enjoyed this and it also gave me a much needed kick in the seat of the pants. Thanks guys!

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    About time! This is amazing! I just read this but i’m going to check it right away. I’m subscribed to Will’s channel but i don’t know why i don’t get any notifications.

  • @kevin-longueil
    I synthesize my thoughts about my last comment on one phrase:

    "Art digital techniques and technology, model business, distribution methods, and clients are changing so fast now, like on everyday basics, and traditional schools are not" So we need some not traditional education and that is why these websites, podcasts, forums, and courses are here, to supply a new demand.

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    @smceccarelli oh my gosh! I totally laughed. “You don’t know how to draw hands? Draw 500 and I’ll bet you’ll be able to.” And thanks for reminding me what pressure existed in art school. We did work our butts off! I sometimes cringe at the word “talented.” Almost like it discredits all the work someone pours into their craft. Thanks for the Interview! @Will-Terry. It’s always good to hear that where we are doesn’t have to be where we stay. It’s great to know all the work she put in to becoming the artist we love here on the forum. You’re fabulous @smceccarelli ! Can’t wait to see all your future creations!

  • She’s been such a valuable SVS artist. I am happy that she got recognized.

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    Thank you all for taking the time to listen and for your feedback - I’m deeply honored both by Will´s interest and you actually watching it! The truth is I was terrified and my major concern was that a) everybody would see how nervous I was and b) my nervousness would make me say a bunch of silly things that I´d later regret and c) I would mortally offend someone (I have a knack for that).
    I’m so glad I manage to be at least coherent and not to say anything I didn’t actually think! Grateful to Will for pushing me out of my comfort zone (once again) - now I only need to do a bunch of these and then I can do plenaries :-))

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    @smceccarelli You didn’t look nervous at all and it was wonderful listening to you and as others have said, putting a face to your name. You have not only a gift for art but a gift for communicating your ideas and methods. Thanks.

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    @smceccarelli You just have to do 499 more interviews and you won't be nervous anymore! Joking aside, it was an excellent video and fun to learn a bit more about you. You did great.

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