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  • @lauraa I’m really intrigued by 2a - looks like a really fun drawing... but 4a is the one that’s speaking loudest to me personally, I would love to see that story unfold! 😍

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    @poppyk Thanks! Funny, that's the one I thought was the strongest as a thumbnail. Maybe it's not the cleverest as a concept, but I liked the shapes and it looked cozy.

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    0_1536765648556_Child in the puddle 2.jpg

    Developing sketch number 3 today. The child is still a sketch, but I thought I'd add some textures and see how I liked the effect. Input welcome.

  • @lauraa This is really cool. I LOVE the patterns on the clothing, and also liking the color palette a lot.

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    I have to choose one of these now if I am to have any hope of finishing a piece this month. I have done the background for the girl any number of different ways and all I know at this point is that I want it to be simplified. Thus the blocks of value.

    So, which do you guys like better, the girl with the sausages or old man looking at his younger self in the puddle? Critiques also welcome. Thank you so much!

    0_1537262043298_Nina, dogs and sausages simplified.jpg 0_1537262023582_Old man and puddle 4.jpg

  • Laura A, I’m not sure which one I like better. The girl with the sausage is a very fun piece with so much movement and fluidity in it that you want to get caught up in the chase. But I like the old man piece for the opposite reason the stillness of the moment. You don’t want to move for fear of disturbing the moment. The difference in the two make the choice hard. On a side note, I do like the change you made in the old man sketch. I think his shadow connecting with the reflection make the piece read better.

  • That is a tough choice. They are both so wonderful in different ways.

  • I personally prefer the old man and his reflection. The energy of the composition is consistent with the concept; there's a bit of tension, but still has a relaxed, thoughtful vein. The shadow connecting the man and the boy really helps drive the intent.

    The girl with sausages, however, is meant to be really high energy, but I don't think that comes off as well with the current composition, because it's all very horizontal. Perhaps if we were seeing the scene from a different angle, or if the girl and dog were running downhill?

    I am really loving this.

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    @debra-garcia I agree with you. That whole concept depends on a very energetic pose. In fact, I was just redrawing her more from below as I had originally to see if it helped. I didn't want to spend too much time on it early on, but since I was waiting on feedback I thought I'd take a shot at it this afternoon.

    That shadow in the other piece is going to be hard to pull off believably but I think I can do it!


  • I really like the second piece, and as was mentioned by someone else, the changes you made to it work really well (in my opinion). I hope we can follow you through to the end with whichever piece you choose.

  • I like the old man and the reflection best too. Both would potentially make really strong pieces, but the reflection one has a stronger composition at the moment. It also feels more fall themed to a wider audience. The sausage one is really cute though, and I would love to see it completed anyway! It's fun to hear the kinds of things different people associate with fall.

  • I agree with @TessaW . Fall is often thought of as the end of the seasons as we fade into winter. I always feel like time is running out to growing things before they die or go dormant in winter. It has parallels in real life. As we age we feel like winter is coming and we often reflect back on our past. It is a bittersweet time and I think this image powerfully captures that deep feeling of introspection.

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    @chrisaakins Chris, you hit the nail on the head! An awful lot of water has gone under the bridge in the past few years. I still feel like a kid inside, but the kid's body is getting older every minute! It's not quite winter yet, but let's say that the leaves are starting to change color!

    Also, I work with a lot of poor and/or old people, and this piece was inspired by one old man in particular. His body is stuck in an awkward posture at this point, but I have a video of him smiling and trying to move to the song YMCA and it's very touching!

    It just got me thinking about how very much most of us are carrying around on the inside, and perhaps sometimes it takes a second look to see it.

  • @lauraa Awwwwwww. I love that story. Some of my best friends are older; there's something really special about the elderly generations.

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