Fall WIP -critiques please

  • @nessillustration hi! Thank you so much for the support. The experience was very eye opening. I really overestimated my capabilities. Yes, I am still planning on finishing it but this time i won’t rush it(even if it takes months lol). I really need to study how to make the piece work and how to focus the attention on the main character. There’s just so much going on. Too much characters. Too much lighting. It’s a nightmare! Lol. I will really need to level up my skills and art knowledge on this one. Again, thanks. I was really anxious on admitting defeat on the forum but your comment really puts me at ease. Thank you.

  • @nyrrylcadiz I don't think this looks "generic and boring" AT ALL! I really like it! I love pieces that capture the glowing, golden light of autumn, which you've done. The concept is charming! I guess I would like to see the colors pushed a bit more--(which maybe you're planning to do anyway). Anyway, I love this

  • @eli hi, Eli! I was really hoping to end it as such but just in case i change my mind, which colors would you suggest i tweak a little bit more? It’s at these stages that I really don’t know where to work on more. Thank you so much.

  • I just tweakedthe colors. They may not seem that obvious though. But i’ve desaturated the lead girl a bit and darkened the pile of leaves. I hope you guys like it.


  • I think i’ll be submitting my entry now. I guess it still has some issues but time is ruuning out. Lol... finished not perfect right? Wish me luck guys. Tahnk you to everyone who helped.

  • @nyrrylcadiz Sorry I JUST saw this! But I do think you improved it with the tweak you did. I'm definitely not an expert, but now that the leaves are a bit more contrasted and the main girl is less contrasted, it pops more while still maintaining the glow. Just lovely!

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