Fall (idea in progress) a foreshadowing of Friday night lights or reliving the past through your child -can't decide on the concept

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    Yeah, I want to somehow come up with a concept of my kids dreaming about the big football stadium. My little girl becoming a cheerleader. Tonight the girls from cheer camp get to do the pregame show. That is her cousin who is a cheerleader for the high school. I would love to somehow incorporate a picture of the two, like Avery is looking to her future.

    Then I have the two little boys, their picture will be in the next post. My oldest son plays and loves flag football. I would love to use them in the image to. Or just do the football player (or players) staring at the stadium imagining what it would be like to play under those lights. I did just draw the cheerleader. She was the ballerina in the music challenge.

    But then I may just go in a completely different direction (especially if I can’t figure out this layout). My oldest daughter runs cross country like I did. That would be a reflection of the past. As someone who can see the “fall” of her life approaching, but seeing her former self in her daughter. Cause I swear, I feel like it was only yesterday I could smell those fall leaves at the crack of dawn for a race on a crisp fall Saturday morning.

    Furture Friday? Or reflection Saturday? Honestly, it all depends on which layout and concept I can actually execute. Or I can just do a cute football painting of my son. He is next in line since I did both girls last month. It's all a win for me.

    But I would love to hear your thoughts if you have any.

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    I like the concept of either. I'm a football fan but I didn't even think of that angle for the fall theme. It's a great idea! Whichever one you decide to do for the contest it sounds like you have a few more ideas you follow up with and make them a series.

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    @jon-anderson I was struggling with the fall theme. It’s not my favorite season. Then it hit me as I was preparing for tonight that there wasn’t anything more fall that football! Here’s hoping I can come up with the right design!

  • I think cheerleading can be really striking visually but the long distance runner is so romantic I want to see both images!

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    I think I’m going with the football player. I really liked this reference shot I got. Football is something we never pushed on my son, but he loves it. Flag football is something he can’t get enough of. Last night it was really entertaining just watching him watch the game. And it’s his turn for mom to draw him.

    I did get a great shot of the cheerleader that I still may paint that one. It would be fun with all the glitz and color! And the runner, well, that may get done as well. To many of “mom reliving races through her daughter” moments. Now what do I paint the little guy doing?

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