Fall Theme (WIP) - Ok, definitely a knight

  • I'm doing this for the first time so I decided to post my progress to keep myself accountable, right?

    Anyways, I'm still sketching stage but I'm almost set on the composition. Next stage will be cleaner lines.

    Thank you and feedback is always welcome


    if you want to get my familiar with my style check my instagram page below

  • Checked out your art on Instagram, Good stuff dude! I'm pumped to see how this one turns out!

    I really like the perspective of the castle on the mountain, Great job!

  • @squirrelsize Thank you, i'll keep it up!

  • I've settled on the landscape format. I wanted to retouch the line work a bit more before doing values and whatnot. I am somewhere happy with the product I tend to be super harsh on this stage.
    It will be the middle of fall so hopefully the color palette will get me there!0_1536752825276_fall-piece-2.jpg

  • Value stage


  • Hi Jose! I'm loving this piece so far. A couple of suggestions:

    1.Move the castle to the left and the person and horse to the right a bit. It will give some breathing room to take in those focal points and allow our eye to flow through the piece a bit more, instead of bouncing our eye up and down.

    2, Use a better reference for the back leg of the horse. I believe that joint bends the opposite way for a horse's back leg.

    Great job so far, and thanks for sharing. I'm loving the lanterns in the trees and the leaves blowing around.

  • @tessaw Thank you for the suggestions, I will implement these on the next revision. those horse legs are tricky AF...

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