Fall WIP

  • I like her smile. She looks content.

  • SVS OG

    @jonas-zavacky I like this a lot, the energy of your lines, the feeling of the fall wind. Your idea to have her holding her hair is good, but you can also emphasize the wind by showing even more movement with her hair and skirt. You might also consider adding fall leaves being blown. I also like the way her eyes are closed against the wind. It lets us focus less on her eyes and more on the signs of the season.

  • @johanna-kim Thank you! great points.

  • @jonas-zavacky Nice! I like the looseness and the smile, it’s like a secret smile. I love a windy illustration, you can have so much fun with movement, which I think you’ve done really nicely with the hair and the plants. The only thing that’s throwing me off is the hair and plants are flowing one way but the skirt seems to be pressing into her the other way..?

  • @poppyk Thank you!! Hmmm, that's true... I did that mainly because of appeal.. but it doesn't makes much sense (maybe if the wind goes all over the place)

  • another sketch! I am thinking about making this one or the girl on a windy day. Normally I would go with the one I posted first, but I want to go outside my comfort zone and draw something more towards children books. I am thinking about children books for quite a time now, but I never really drawn children stuff.

    the idea behind this is that Julia comes from outside where is windy weather and she is cold and cant wait to get warm tea so she is in rush to get off her shoes

  • Pushed it a bit further. Made linework and value layout. What are your thoughts on that? I am not sure by the values much. Thank you for any comment


  • Love that you are trying to challenge yourself. I Also love the description you put for this one.

    Would be neat to somehow extend the drawing to the side and add a scene of a cup of hot tea on a table or a kettle on the stove or something like that. Just an idea

    Can’t wait to see where you go with this!

  • @squirrelsize Oh yes, that can help with clarity in the picture! Thanks a lot 🙂

  • I like how the pumpkins are stowed away. Makes me want to see more gourds hanging out. I like that you’re challenging yourself too. This forum is a safe space to throw your art out there and get constructive feedback, I think it may be my favorite thing about svs.

  • Thank you for so much feedback! I love this forum. @Squirrelsize yes I think extending it a bit helped it and @JudeKill I add 3 more gourds to the bottom, but maybe there can be more hehe.

    anyway, what do you think about where it is heading 🙂 Open to any feedback.

  • Yes! That extra scene to the side allows the eye to flow over the drawing way better! Love this dude!

  • Showing this one more time in value phase. Just to make sure the focal point is clear to you guys and overall if it feels right.

  • Ok, finally I think the values are in a place that I can move further on so I decided to finally work on color (also I changed the background because I was very unhappy with the last one)

    This is the first shot and I definitely want to explore more color schemes. but do you guys think I am going the right way? Thanks again for every comment. You are the best!

  • I played with the colors more and tried a cooler variant too which I probably like more than the more warm one.

    But what do you guys think?
    0_1537298497669_color choice.jpg

  • @jonas-zavacky I like the cooler variant as well

  • Dude! Looking great! I love the changes you did in the side room scene. I like the second one with the green cabinets because of the warm yellow lighting. Definitely feels warm in that room.
    I like the first one with the red in the cabinets bouncing off the color of her scarf. Good stuff bro

  • Looks great. Man...I like both. I think I like the cool colors on her more, though.

  • Thank you for the feedback! @TessaW @Squirrelsize @chrisaakins

    I think I will go with the cooler one, but I will push the warmth of the side room more to get the feeling I am looking for.

    Thank you!! ^^ 😃

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