Fall WIP (leafpile)

  • @art-of-b WOW! this is soo good! Can't wait to see coloring.

  • Wow, such a dynamic sketch. 🙂 I really like it! To go with the comment above, could the base of the tree perhaps go back a bit more? Right now I'm worried that the boy will land in front of the leaf pile. I really appreciated seeing your process last month. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone!

  • Looks great. I would just make sure that the boy's "trajectory" is defined and easy to read.

  • Cool! Really like the composition and line work

  • Agree with everyone else: amazing line art, great composition, great character design. The thick line art on the tree and the unclear boy trajectory (doesn't look like he is coming from the swing) are the only 2 things bugging me 🙂

    The tree is kind of separating your picture in half. I am wondering what it would look like if you moved the tree to the right and have the swing the same side as the boy. I honestly think it would fox all your problems...

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    Too fun! The tree doesn’t bother me too much, I figure you would tone that down in the value stage. Though, when I first looked at the drawing I couldn’t figure out what the shape was above the pile. The child! The puffy clothes made him hard to read. Once I zoomed in I cottoned on. I think the swing trajectory is good too. My son jumps all the time and that swing goes nutso after he evacuates it. 👍

  • @Art-of-B Love this. And I read your Cato web comic from start to finish! I was hooked! You have a great style and a great story going. Now I have to stinking wait!

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    Lovely work - very nice, dynamic composition and wonderful line work. The only thing, which has been mentioned already, is that there doesn’t seem to be a clear connection between the kid and the swing. I honestly thought he had jumped from the tree until I read the comments and noticed the swing.
    If he had just jumped from it, the swing wouldn’t be so far back and also the kid´s pose would probably have a different shape - unless he jumped while standing, of course.
    One option is to just get rid of the swing and have him jump from the tree. Or you could try drawing the swing lines towards the direction of the boy, and the seat then overlapping the tree or clearing it on the other side.


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    You never fail to amaze me! The gestures in your illustrations are amazing. I think you can work on the swing tho. Since our character is thrown forward, should the swing be also arched forward? This is just my thoughts though. However, what you did still works. It’s amazing.

  • Thank you all for the great feedback! I never would have clued in that the swing and the boy are disconnected (I can trace the line of flight, but that's because I drew it) It does at the moment look like he's leaping from the tree and the swing is unrelated.

    I love how much feedback people give on this site 🙂

    @chrisaakins Oh cool! yeah, it updates slowly, but steadily. Most people tend to leave it for a month or two to have enough updates to bing XD

    I've taken some of the advice and kind of moved things about so that the tree is further to the right and the boy and swing are more related.

    I'd started to fiddle with values before I hacked it up XD

    New version:

    alt text

    Old version

    alt text

    I think the version with the tree further to the right is clearer, but I'd be interested in people's thoughts before I redraw 🙂

    I've got so much work ahead of me to really incorporate those composition classes into my golf swing.

    Thanks again!

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    @art-of-b The new version reads much better. You are killing it wit all of these on top of your 100 drawings. Amazing work man.

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    Love seeing the process here! and very nice work of course!

  • @art-of-b I like the new one with the swing more central, thus making the tree a framing element that keeps the action more central

  • @art-of-b Same here, the new one

  • @chip-valecek

    Thanks Chip! Investing ALL of my spare time right now 🙂

  • The tree to the right totally works. I like the nice little detail of his glasses flinging off. Great stuff, man!

  • Man, your gesture and comp work is inspiring. Something I know I need to work on. I love where this is going @Art-of-B.
    The dynamic lines of the swing do a great job of directing the eye, but are even strong on the same side of the tree as the subject.

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  • I'm absolutely loving the motion in this one! I agree with everyone else, the new version reads much better.

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    The tree to the right for sure. It makes the swing and the jumper more connected. You can see how he got in the air much easier. It flows. Can’t wait to see it all polished up. Want to see an after shot too. You’re telling quite the story with this little character with the music and now the leaves.

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