Can you guys give me some critique??

  • here is some pieces i made. every comment is very important!

    0_1536169982501_ironman1.jpg 0_1536170009364_spiderman2.jpg
    0_1536170110743_gurl2.jpg 0_1536170133718_cutie3.jpg 0_1536170146772_noodles3.jpg

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    In hopes of making the responses more effective, perhaps you could clarify if you are looking for a technical or conceptual critique?

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    These are nice images! I agree with what David said about needing more information about what you are looking for.

    Asking specific questions like "How do you think the concept is reading" or "What do you think of the copmpositon?" etc. will get you a lot more specific answers. It gives people a framework to use in looking at the images. Otherwise you are either going to get totally random feedback such as "I like spiderman" or you won't get any feedback at all because no one really knows what to say.

    Keep it up. Very cool images. and I love the color palette in that last one. : )


  • My favorite character is the hungry ghost in the last image. Overall I’m more compelled by the characters in the last two images than the first two. Peter Parker is looking a little like Voldermort to me. The last two images remind me of Tara McPherson’s art.

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