Networking and Inktober advice

  • SO I'm gonna try and get the ball rolling on creating a local illustrator's chapter in my area. I'm gonna use Inktober as a spring board for creating and maintaining interest the whole year.

    Just thought about doing this this morning, so here's what I've done so far:

    -Joined and emailed the rep for my region of the SCBWI about creating an illustrator's group.

    -Joined the local art's council and emailed them about creating an illustrator's group.

    What I plan on doing over the next two weeks:

    -Approach the arts coordinator of the local university to ask about hosting the group at the university, or at the very least spreading the word.

    -Approach any and all coffee shops about hosting the group and if so what times would be best for us to meet.

    -Ask the local comic shop about hosting Inktober (and perhaps 24 hour comic day). At the very least create some flyers to distribute at the comic shop.

    -Approach the library about hosting the group.

    -Create a facebook group and such.

    -Do research on insurance requirements for special interest groups that meet in public spaces.

    My goal is to broadcast my net of interest as far and wide as possible so that by the end of the month I end up with a space to work with and a core of interested people.

    Does anyone have any advice about starting a group like this? Do you see any massive holes in my plan?


    Wanna start an illustrator group. Gonna start with inktober. Gonna ask a lot of places about setting up shop in their spaces. Advice?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Dude, sounds like you got a good strategy. My advice would be to mention snacks or pizza will be available at the chapter meeting on your flyers. Starving artist is a thing

    Good Luck!

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