Hello! also, please give critique

  • Hi all! Presenting you clouds in a bit different style. I like it better, what do you think?


    @rcartwright , @melinahealy , @Chip-Valecek Thank tor your critique!

  • @yego I like these clouds much more

  • @yego This is so great. Do you want advice? Don't touch it! 😃

    Well, to be true, there's something is bothering me, but is a minor thing. The clouds on the background, two things. First, if you follow the line of the fin (the side that has a cut) it looks like the cloud on the bg continue the line and is bothering me because don't help to pull the subjects apart from the bg, but the contrary. Is bringing the cloud to the front and blending it with the subject. That is the thing I would touch for sure, to move a little the cloud.
    The other thing is more like a matter of taste I think. Is the cloud behind the face of the swimmer. Is not like is wrong, but me, personally, would prefer if the face is against the blue or at least not so white. Take down the opacity a little could perfectly do for me. Now the hand has more central role than the face, and that's great if you intended, is nothing wrong. But I feel like an imbalance, like is too much, the hand is rock'n'roll star and the face is buried on the cloud.

    But again, is great the way it is. I'm just saying what I would touch if the piece where mine.

    Great light again, by the way. Do you always use backlight?![alt text](![image url](0_1536357442275_1535812621522-sharkattack.jpg image url))

    Seriously don't touch any more, any new version is worst. Trust your gut not your brain.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is so awesome! I love it! 😃 My only critique would be, remove the highlight on the hook and instead put it on the teeth- you know, for a "colgate smile" moment- to really sell the idea of anyone can have a great smile sort of thing XD

  • Hi Guys!
    Sorry for not responding for such long time. Deadline has come, so I guess that's it. Thank You all for yor help. Below I present to you finished product.


    @lady-chamomile thanks for your critique.
    @Zombie-Rhythm thank for your input, and yes. I use some backlight in 99% of my illustration

  • @yego Wow these look great! You must be so proud 🤗

  • @yego looks great! 🙂

  • @Sas I am! Thank U!
    @aska Thanks! 🙂