TRASHED - Bologna Children Book Fair Project

  • I'm working on my submission to the Bologna Fair Exhibition 2019.
    This year I'm entering in the non-fiction category. As mentioned elsewhere, I used this submission last year to do more experimental work. This is partly the nature of the exhibition, which favors more "edgy" and non-commercial styles - but I found out that it did me a lot of good.
    So this year I would like to be equally experimental and not follow my standard process

    Here are the sketches. The topic, as you can see, is trash pollution.
    It would be great to have your suggestions about what kind of style you would see these in. I've been looking at the work of Simone Rea (who made it into the exhibition 6 or 7 times, so it's good inspiration) and Brian Wildsmith...but also thinking about found-material collage...what are your thoughts?


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    @smceccarelli I rather like the collage idea! I like the way you've been mixing the two lately.

    The first, third and fifth thumbnail draw me in the most.

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    These are GREAT! Choosing between Simone Rea and Brian Wildsmith I would choose Brian. But I also like the collage idea. Maybe a mix of both? The trash could be the collage parts and the "clean" parts could be the paint? I can't wait to see these finished. I looked up the Bologna fair and got all excited, but then I calmed down and realized I'm not there yet, lol. Next year hopefully. I would like to pick your brain about it if I could.

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    @smceccarelli Your drawings are always so excellent!! I just checked out the two artists you mention - i had not heard of them before - between the two I would say Simone Rea would be a cool direction to head in for this project - His work is very impressive stuff (not sure why his work evokes Hieronymus Bosch for me but it does)

  • I like number 3 and if you must venture from your amazing "style" I like Brian Wildsmith's work. Good luck.

  • I really like 3 and 5. The hermit crabs in 1 are cute but it feels like it's been done before. The octopus in the bottle is more unique imagery to me. Also love the camera angle on 5 with all the junk floating on the surface.

    Simone's art looks "smoother" and Brian's more chaotic with the textures. It's a tough call. Perhaps you can pull from both, where the natural parts of the illustration and the trash contrast style-wise?

  • Thank you all for your input! Maybe it was not clear, but the competition requires to submit 5 illustrations - so all of them will be done. The thumbnailing stage was before this - these are already the selected sketches.
    I think I’m going to go for a mix of painterly/textured, similar to Brian´s work with some collage elements using real trash. I´ve been going to the city today collecting pieces of litter form the floor. I must have looked really weird - the things you do for art!

  • Color comps....I've tried really hard to avoid using conventional ocean blues.
    I'm going to try some gel-printing with acrylic for the backgrounds....first time I touch traditional media in years....


  • @smceccarelli These are really amazing, and feel so cohesive even though they're each so strong in their own right. I'm excited to see how you blend the collage elements with the textured/painterly style.

  • I love the movement and flow of all of your sketches. I think adding in some elements of collage will really make the impact of the "trash" pop off the page! Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  • As @Annie-Barnett said, I'm also excited to see how it comes together with the mixed media. And your city is just a little bit cleaner because of you, so well done! Lol.

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    @smceccarelli Love those little touches of red and burnt orange! I understand the Simone Rea thing in an Italian show, but I also like how your work is thinking outside that particular box.

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    I love 3. I am immediately drawn to the eye. I wanted to ask though...on the Bologna website they said the fair is every two years next one 2020. Did I read that wrong? I thought they were yearly as well.

  • @lmrush The BCBF takes place every year. The dates for 2019 are already out (1-4 April 2019) and the deadline for the exhibition is October 5th 2018.
    Maybe the confusion comes from the fact that SCBWI has a booth there only every two years - hence the next time SCBWI would be represented at the fair is 2020. Maybe you´ve read the dates on the SCBWI webpage?

    The link to the fair website is:

    Though the server is down at this very moment....

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    That makes perfect sense! Yes I went through the Scbwi site. Thank you so much @smceccarelli

  • @lmrush @smceccarelli I'm not sure if this applies to the years SCBWI aren't presenting, but it seems like in the past, SCBWI members had an extended deadline for submissions to the BCBF too. Might be worth looking into.

  • @annie-barnett That's correct - I had forgotten that! I'll check if it applies also in the years where SCBWI is not represented. Seems likely.

  • I love the teal/brick red color scheme you have going on here. Reminds me of Victo Ngai and Yuko Shimizu. I'm excited to see how you incorporate the collage elements. 🙂

  • First one down!
    Acrylic gel prints, found trash objects and one of my favorite Kyle's brushes: Wamazing Fat Rough

    What do you think? It certainly was a lot of fun and very liberating, but as usual, new experiment always leave me full of doubts...

    @Lee-White I´d love to have your opinion - you´re the voice that pushes me to experiment 😉


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