TRASHED - Bologna Children Book Fair Project

  • I thought I had already commented! Just wanted to say that I love these! I don't know much about composition but I'm very interested in it at the moment and I think they look great 🙂

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    @smceccarelli This looks great! One thing that may be an issue (unless it is just me) is that i feel like the jelly fish Is coming forward and that my eye gets pulled very strongly to the vertical line where the bag and the jellyfish meet - it is hard to pull away from that spot for me - i am wondering if it is the vertical line amongst the strong diagonals or possibly the saturation of the jellyfish next to the bag - i did a quick thumbnail to show what i was thinking - in the first one the only change is i painted out the ghost image of the second jellyfish to the left of the jellyfish to see how that looked - in the second i changed the bag line to diagonal and in the 3rd and fourth i did the same but with desaturating the jellyfish to see what that might do - i think for me, overall, the diagonal bag edge does the trick and lets my eye move freely around with or without the saturation being changes - really nice piece 🙂

    0_1537335942421_Untitled_Artwork 20.png

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    Excellent suggestion @Kevin-Longueil !! I’ll definitely edit that as you suggest!

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    Number 5!
    Now tweaking and correcting all before printing and shipping...


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    Wow, very cool! This reminds me of a forest of bottles!

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    I just noticed, the bottle right next to the octopus one is exactly the same height and the end part messes with the silhouette of the octopus - maybe I'd make that bottle smaller to free its silhouette?

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    @smceccarelli I particularly like this one. The pink octopus is such a charming focal point! Ness has a point about the adjacent bottle, though. At least from a distance, there's something tangent-y about it. Should be easy to fix, though. (I know, easy for me to say.)

    In bocca al lupo per Bologna!

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    @lauraa I do hope I get in this time...but at only 3% selection rate, it's a tough call! Are you coming again this year?

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    @smceccarelli I haven't decided yet. I don't really have a portfolio put together still (making progress but still having some problems with environments), so I was thinking about skipping this year and hopefully coming back next year all ready to go. But who knows---I like to take short trips and may change my mind!

    I found the exhibit selections this year very interesting, but not particularly children's book oriented, even in the European sense. I guess part of their purpose is to stretch our visual imagination. Yours seem conceptually interesting, but still what I can imagine seeing in a book for an actual child, so I really hope you make it!

  • I think its great that you wanted to use your skills to address this sad subject! Well done!

  • So how did it go? Did you end up going to Bologna?
    I had a few friends attend and say they were so impressed by the work they saw.

  • This post is from 2018, but I was in Bologna 2019 and it was great book fair, better than we have in Germany. So I would recommend it fully.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @smceccarelli Interesting process. It sounds like fun! I have been missing workng with acrylics a little lately. I love experimenting with paint, etc. 🙂

  • @smceccarelli this one is my favorite because it's like the octopus has a pose like when you celebrate with champagne so it's extra ironic and sad and beautiful at the same time. I'm just in awe of all of these

  • These are so cool! I love the initial drawings and the colour choices you made for the water in the end. It really feels like you drew all these different feeling aspects and facettes out of the shared subject matter each painting has.
    Agreeing with Kevin too, that in some of the final images, especially the busier compositions, the initial clarity faded a little, where the sketches read maybe a little clearer. But then again it's kind of cool that the life creatures blend in with the trash, makes it feel more like they are being overwhelmed and pushed aside by all the waste.

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