TRASHED - Bologna Children Book Fair Project

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    @smceccarelli I'm really liking these illustrations especially no2

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    @smceccarelli Hey Simona these are looking great - there is one issue for me that i am seeing in the finals - it looks to me that in your color comps the contrast is working well and my eye can travel around the images in a pleasing manner - in the final versions the values are very close to one another with no real "light on dark" or "dark on light" to separate each part of the composition so it is hard to find a path through the image..if that makes sense? I did a couple quick and terrible thumbnail sketches to try to separate some of the elements(i put them below the original)...these are not good but i decided to share them anyways 🙂 I think that your image 2 may have the same issue - when i shrink them down very small i cannot discern the what the image is - once again i think the color comps dealt well with contrast and composition .... i hope this is not annoying feedback...feel free to ignore of course...really nice pieces!


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    @kevin-longueil Thank you a ton Kevin for pushing me to reconsider the contrast and depth! I will definitely take a go at separating foreground-midground and background elements. I hid the focus element by design - I wanted it to be a second read ... but maybe it's not a successful design choice, after all.

  • @smceccarelli Love the collage, though the Gut & Gunstig label pops out (could be because I lived in Germany for 7 years), but I suspect also because of the red being so pure. Perhaps consider obscuring both this red and the Nutrixxion label since they both are their pure color and have no obscurity from ocean visibility or sun fading.

    Also, can you tell me more about acrylic gel printing?! I was a printmaker and have not heard of this technique. Is it a way to transfer an image? What did I miss?!

  • @smceccarelli - I'm really loving the emotion the 2nd image evokes. Haunting, sad, and desolate. (Color is on point) It's almost hard to look at (in a good way.) It did take me a minute to find the turtle, so if that is what you were going for, thumbs up! I think having similar pops of the same orange as the turtles
    shell, draws your eye to many areas of the image.

  • These images are so powerful to me. Their theme seems to be deepened by the way that the animals don't instantly stand out. I was so moved by them that I showed them to my husband. The way they are now seems very impactful and affects the mind in the way that the dizzying amounts of trash in the oceans do in reality. That's my reaction anyway. Thanks so much for sharing these...

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    @adriana-bergstrom Good points and yes - I think I should increase the “underwater” feeling of some of the elements and those two will be the first candidates.
    This was my first experience in printing and I dared it because I only needed it for the backgrounds. You basically make a large batch of flavorless jelly-o (but you use more gelatine to water than you would normally) and make it settle in plate form (I used an oven pan). Then you can roll any water-based color on it and press a sheet of paper on top to transfer it. Because gelatine is soft, you don´t need tools to make the paper lift the color properly.
    That is....the theory - there are a lot of tutorials and it seems to produce good results. My gelatine plate, however, kept breaking (I probably didn’t make it firm enough) and become unusable very fast. So I dag out a piece of foam core board from my stock and went on with that one. The color transferred well and I got the effect I wanted (randomly mixing stripes of colors with lots of texture). So maybe I should say “acrylic printing with gelatine and random art materials” rather than “acrylic gelatine printing” ;-))

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    No 3 - not quite finished yet - there are a couple of ellipses to correct and maybe some color balance....


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    @smceccarelli Really Nice!!

  • I just want to chime in here and say that your preliminary sketches are SO solid @smceccarelli. I really endeavor to put more thought and effort into mine.

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    @smceccarelli i love number 3. All the textures just adds to the feeling that the scene takes place at the beach. The colors are amazing as always.

  • @smceccarelli
    For me, the concept on the first one and the perspective on the last one are really great!

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    These are so good! I am glad to see these from drawing to finished painting. Thank you for posting. Excited to see the rest!

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    No 4!


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    These are amazing and heartbreaking! Who knows how our beach friends are fairing with the damage and trash from the hurricane too. They are really thought provoking. Images like these can help to make us better at cleaning up behind ourselves!

  • I thought I had already commented! Just wanted to say that I love these! I don't know much about composition but I'm very interested in it at the moment and I think they look great 🙂

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    @smceccarelli This looks great! One thing that may be an issue (unless it is just me) is that i feel like the jelly fish Is coming forward and that my eye gets pulled very strongly to the vertical line where the bag and the jellyfish meet - it is hard to pull away from that spot for me - i am wondering if it is the vertical line amongst the strong diagonals or possibly the saturation of the jellyfish next to the bag - i did a quick thumbnail to show what i was thinking - in the first one the only change is i painted out the ghost image of the second jellyfish to the left of the jellyfish to see how that looked - in the second i changed the bag line to diagonal and in the 3rd and fourth i did the same but with desaturating the jellyfish to see what that might do - i think for me, overall, the diagonal bag edge does the trick and lets my eye move freely around with or without the saturation being changes - really nice piece 🙂

    0_1537335942421_Untitled_Artwork 20.png

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    Excellent suggestion @Kevin-Longueil !! I’ll definitely edit that as you suggest!

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    Number 5!
    Now tweaking and correcting all before printing and shipping...


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    Wow, very cool! This reminds me of a forest of bottles!

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